Friday, July 8, 2011

Daves Sister, Jennifer

      Daves Sister, Jennifer
 Author Unknown

Dave was 13 years old and had a beutiful sister named Jennifer.Jennifer ran
track and played alot of other sports, Dave was attracted to feet he had
liked the smell of feet for as long as he could remember. Every day after
school he would go home and go upstairs and smell his sisters track socks,
they were the most putrid smelling things ever dave would hold them about 12
inches from his nose and smell the scent because any closer to his nose and
he might die so he thought. His sister didnt get home till about 4 and he
was home at 230 and his parents didnt get home till at least 600 every
night. One night when his sister was supposedly at a friends house he went
in and statted to smell her socks and trach shoes because they reeked of
foot sweat just as much as the socks if not worse. So as he was smelling and
starting to pull out his dick to jack off his sister comes in the window,
she looks at him adn says " what the fuck are you doing? OMG" she almost
screams but doesnt because she is sneaking in and cant exaclty let anyoen
know she isnt asleep at her friends house at 130 am. So she she starts to
say " so u like me feet do you? (without giving him time to respond she
says) well i guess if u dont want mom and dad and the entire school to know
about your little foot fetish you will meet me after school when i get home
from track practice on monday. So dave goes to his room scared as hell adn
starts to think about what the hell is gunna happen on monday.
Dave wakes up and goes to school on monday, when he gets home he waits till
his sister gets hoem adn is waiting in her room when she starts to walk
upstairs, she walks in and says "Good of you to join me today, it sure was
hot out there. So you like my feet. I hope you like the smell of them after
a long day of runnign in 110 degree weather. coem here." So dave is kind of
shaking with fear and anticipation he walks over to his sister who has
already planned everythign out, she sets him down on the ground and ties his
hands and arms to a woode chair so he cant move at all, his face is facing
upwards and laying on the ground while all limbs are imobile. She then grabs
another chair and sits above him, " Hope you like the smell cause you
volunteered yourself to smelling htem every day for the next 2 years untill
i go to college. and wow do they smell after track practice." she reaches
downa dn takes off her shoe and sticks her rancid sweaty foot onto his face,
she repositions her feet so that her big toes go right over his nose. "How
does that smell dave?" he is stuck smelling her feet and he realizes that it
isnt as pleaseant of a reality as he thought it would be, it smells so
putrid and strong that e feels liek eh uis gunna puke and if he was in
control this would be when he takes the sock away adn says ewwwwwwww. But he
has no control adn Jennifer decides to make him smell is for a long time but
after about 10 mintues she realizes that he really doesnt liek the real
thing and doesnt like beign forced into it and is breatheing thru his mouth
so she goes downstairs and grabs a roll of tape and goes back up adn tapes
his mouth shut hten puts her feet back in place. The sweaty rancid and
overwhelming smell engulfed daves lungs again, his nostrils were flairing
out because of the putrid smell, his eyes started to water againa dn he was
about to cry, he didnt like the harsh reality that these feet of his sisters
had become. Jennifer is a beutiful girl too, not one youd expect to tdo
soethign like this, she is a 5' 7" blonde with a very tanned body, her
family is seriously rich adn has a tannign bed in their house, so she looks
as good as they come. She is making her little brother who supposedly liked
her feet smell her size 6 feet without mercy.
After about an hour of smelling her feet iwth socks on she reaches down adn
takes off her socks and tears off the tape and puts her sweaty sock toe end
first into his mouth then puts a new peice of tape on his mouth. He is now
sucking on her sweaty adn filthy sock that she was running in all day.
Jennifer then replaces her feet onto his nose and makes him smell as she
does her algebra homework adn listens to him squeel adn smell her rancind
sweaty feet. she can smell her own feet from where she is and hes right up
to them, there is toe jam falling itno his nostrils, he cant do anything
about it or else she will tell everyoen about what happened. He realizes
then that he doent actually liek th ereality of what her feet smell like.
SHe continues ot make him smell her feet till it is about 530 then she takes
her feet away and says " suck real hard os u can get the last of the sweat
out of that sock, or else u will eb punished." so she reaches downa dn takes
off the tape thenm takes out hte sock adn throws it into the dirty hamper
that dave used ot love so much, then she sticks her toes into his mouth, he
cantdo anythign but suck " suck all the toe jam from in between my toes
dave, you know you want to eat that toe jam, it tastes so salty and good."
so he is stuck sucking all the toe jam out of her toes and eatign it, it
tastes so rancid adn old, almost liek something expired and he has to eat it
to live. now he is eatign the sweat clumps and swallowing them. After he
does both feet she starts to undo his ties and say " Well that was fun dave,
im glad you can be here every day at this itm e adn smell adn suck my feet.
or else ill tell mom adn dad adn everyoen u know about your little foot
fetish adn how you liek to smell your own sisters sweaty smelly rancid socks
after i haev been runnign in them for a long time in 110 degree weather.
well im glad that you will be here everyday." Dave starts to cry and runs
out of the room into his after she unties him, he goes and cries for a whiel
then his parents coem home and he has to eat with them, he acts normal
through dinner, but he crys himself to sleep. He comes hoem the next day and
repeats the process.


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