Friday, July 8, 2011


Author Unknown

It was a schoolday like all the others. Teachers where 
bothering with too many homeworks, the test in history 
was a disaster and the weekend was still 4 days away. 
The 12th degree was really not the best. That's not 
what Mike expected. The meanest thing of Mike's class 
where the impudent chicks, especially Jenny, Maria and 
Diana as Mike had to learn at this day. There was 
something between hate and love to these three girls. 
Cause on the one side they really gave him hard times, 
but on the other side they just looked marvellous. 
Jenny's body was just perfect, Maria's way to chew her 
chewinggum was so provocant that it could bring rocks 
to melt and Diana just had a beautiful face. But all 
three had in common that they were wearing short pants 
or a short skirt almost every day. And always gym-
shoes or Buffalos. Most of the time with white ankle 
socks, but sometimes barefoot as well.
The last course of the day was the sport-lesson. Mike 
just had no mind to join the class so he told the 
teacher that something with his wrist was wrong. So he 
was just sitting in the corner watching the others 
playing beachball. It wasn't so much the game as he 
was watching as the feet of the girls. Diana was 
wearing black Fila-Shoes without socks. Maria forgot 
her gym-shoes and was just wearing white ankle socks 
and Jenny had white Buffaloclogs on - also with fine 
white socks. Always watching these chicks waering 
those clothes made Mike feel quiet horny. So he 
decided to look for the toilet-rooms. On his way he 
passed the girls' locker-room. Right away he had this 
idea: "Now or never.", Mike thought. "The girls are 
still playing beachball. This will take at least 20 
more minutes". So he stealed into the locker-room to 
look for the girls' street-shoes to smell. Over there, 
on the wall were Jenny's pants and right aside the 
jackets of Maria and Diana. He went over to their 
chairs, his heart beating like hell. He took 1 of 
Maria shoes - black Dockers - and put his nose right 
into it. Mike took a deep breath and inhaled all the 
fascinating fragrance of the young girl's feet. What a 
pleasure. It was a hot summer day and so the shoes 
were really smelly! In Mike's imagination he saw Maria 
wearing the shoes and moving and sweating. The only 
thing he "saw" was Maria's sexy, smelly feet right 
into his face. Unfortunately he was so deepened into 
this imagination that he did't hear these three girls, 
Jenny, Maria and Diana coming back from the gym. "Now 
look at this", Jenny said. "This old bastard is 
becoming horny with our things". "What are we gonna do 
with him", Maria asked with a big mean sneer, still 
chewing her gum. "Jenny! Maria! We should give the 
little Mike a lesson which he won't ever forget!", 
said Diana. Jenny and Maria agreed to this idea. Jenny 
and Diana held Mike's arms while Maria put his shoes 
and pants of. They even managed it to put Mike's shirt 
and underpants of so that he was absolutely naked now. 
They placed him laying on the floor with his back. His 
arms to the top. Jenny stood on his hands to fix him, 
Diana held his legs. "You now will suck my dirty socks 
clean, you slave!", Maria commanded still sneering and 
chewing. "All this sport without shoes made them 
totally dirty. And you dont want my mum to yell with 
me, do you?". She pressed her right, socked sole right 
into Mike's face. "Lick it, you worm. Lick it clean 
you little bastard", Maria shouted. Mike was horny 
like hell. "Oh, it seems your mouth became to dry with 
all this sock-licking.", Jenny said after a 
while. "Wait, we can help you". Maria used her toes to 
force Mike to open his mouth by pressing his chin 
down. "Go ahead, girls! Give him some of your spit, so 
that he can go on cleaning my stinky sockfeet until 
they're white again". Each of them spit like 2 or 3 
times in his mouth wide opened. They commanded him to 
swallow it all. So he did. They all laughed loud!
Now it was time for a change. Maria stood on his 
hands, Jenny held his legs and Diana put off her black 
Filas. "Here, slave! To be in these shoes without 
socks made my whole feet wet and sweaty! Lick the 
sweat of and swallow the stench between my toes!". 
Mike did as commanded. Diana's feet were really very 
sweaty and Mike's whole face was wet and stinky 
Jenny had an idea now: "Let's stuff all our stinky 
socks in his little slave-mouth and shackle him". Two 
pairs of socks Mike hat now sticking in his mouth, one 
pair pressed on his nose. They used scarfes and other 
clothes to fix him. He really had no chance to get 
free by himself. They started to trample on him and to 
kick him between the legs sometimes. It hurt very much 
but they still went on and Jenny, Maria and Diana 
laughed at him all the time. They had fun, torturing 
After a while all the other girls had off and came 
back to the locker room. As they saw Mike bound on the 
floor not able to make a simple move they started to 
laugh loudly. "You can do with him what ever you 
want!", Jenny invited the others.
"How do you like the taste of our socks, you worm?", 
Jenny asked spiteful. "It's the best old cheddar-
cheese, right? I'm wearing these socks now for the 
third time. They stinked to hell yesterday already. I 
had my stinky, rotten, disgusting feet in there for 
too long! I want you to suck'em clean right now, Mike. 
you little nobody!". Mike did like he was told.
Like said it was the last class for today, and since 
they all had time they all stayed for 2 more hours to 
continue on Mike's torture-punishment. On that day 
Mike had to clean the feet of 16 girls and to suck all 
of their socks. Some of them did't wash their feet for 
a long time as it seemed, so that he often found 
disgusting stuff between their toes. But he had no 
choice! The 16 girls forced him. This should be a 
lesson for life ... 

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