Friday, July 8, 2011

Be careful what you ask for

Be careful what you ask for
Author Unknown

It was mid afternoon , a cool overcast day it had rained early that morning. I had been cruising the internet looking at boot and shoe fetish sites. While reading stories about licking dirty shoes and boots I noticed my wife getting a bit anxious.
Now my wife who is also my boot mistress loves to make me kiss , lick and worship her shoes and boots.But on this day she seemed a bit miffed that I was intently reading tales of licking very dirty shoe and boot soles.

After some time she suggested we go for a walk , get out of the house and get some exercise. Feeling I had spent perhaps to much time on the fetish sites I quickly agreed.
As we headed for the door she slipped into a favorite pair of beautiful green suede clogs with fairly heavy lug soles. I have loved these clogs often , but only being allowed to lick the sides of the soles and kiss the suede uppers. I was a little surprised she had chosen these shoes as she likes this pair very much as well and has never wanted to stain or ruin them , and with the wet muddy weather they were sure to get messy.

We live on a lake near the shore , she suggested we walk to the lake were there are large granite boulders lining the shore to prevent erosion and protect from the rising waters.As we arrived at the shore she stepped up onto one of the squared off giant rocks and ordered me to kiss her clogs. We had never really done this outside the privacy of our home. So I was a little hesitant but incredibly excited at the reality of kissing her gorgeous clogs outside.
I stood at the base of the rock kissing the toe of the shoe.She was commenting on how much mud had collected in the soles. In all the time we have played and shared our shoe and boot fetish I had never been asked or told to lick the soles of her shoes. I continued to kiss her shoes as ordered , she then asked me to drop my pants down to my ankles. It was cold and windy but did what my mistress asked. Walking to a lower rock that was waist high for me she demanded I place my now very erect penis on the cold granite surface. I did so , she began to step on my penis mashing and grinding it with her full weight into the rock. The pain was truly excruciating and my penis began to bleed slightly. Seeing this she expelled an evil demonic laugh that I had never heard before.

While still holding my totally at her mercy erect bleeding penis under her shoe she said " so you want to lick dirty shoe soles clean do you ?"
I did not immediately respond as I was reeling in pain and a bit unsure as to what was happening.
She drove her clog hard into my penis and groin demanding a response. I began to mutter something about a fantasy and how I had dreamed of her shoe and boot soles. Mid sentence she cut me off and told me to pull my pants up and that we would now continue our walk.

As we walked I began to notice that she was purposefully stepping in a much mud and other debris as possible. I also realized she was walking toward a river that empties into the lake. We arrived at a bridge crossing the river were many fisherman go to catch Salmon as they run into the river , returning to there home before the long cold winter. The banks of the river park have cement areas were people gather to fish and watch these huge primordial creatures being pulled from the dark deep waters.
The cement area were we stood was covered in mud and smelly fish slime. Being somewhat distracted by all the activity I failed to notice my wife grinding more mud and fish slime into her clog soles. Abruptly she said lets go home.

We walked for a few minutes arriving home, as we entered the house my wife , my mistress stated . I am so glad that you desire to lick mud and filth off women's shoes and boots because my favorite clogs are truly a mess.
I stuttered something and tried to make light of her comment. Quickly she took control and said I have seen you spend allot of time on the internet reading stories of licking clean muddy shoes now here is your chance. I started to say , but that is fantasy, again she cut me off saying you should be careful what you ask for and then demanded I lick the sloes of her clogs perfectly clean.

I hesitated , she said quietly "lick now or never again."
I was appalled and excited all at the same time. I could not imagine really licking all the nasty things I had witnessed her stepping in.
Yet driven by her commanding dominance and my deep shoe fetish I kneeled before her filthy beautiful clogs. She jammed one into my mouth , I began to lick around the edges.
Soon she told me to roll onto my back. She then had me place my tongue as far out of my mouth as possible. Wiping her dirty mud and fish filled lug soles onto my tongue like a door mat.
Now I was gone , the filth or threat of germs disappeared I let go and began licking and sucking every inch of the sole with abandoned passion. Chunks of mud , sticks and yes fish slime feel into my mouth , she demanding I swallow every piece. The sole tasted like a fishery would smell .

Somehow this grotesque filthy taste drove me on. I licked and sucked for close to an hour , my wife coaxing and enjoying each moment of total domination and control. With the deep lug soles having been cleaned to perfection , not a trace of dirt remaining she congratulated me on a job well done.Thinking that was it I layed my head down to relax.
"You are not done yet slave" she shouted brashly. She then had me pull my bloodied very sore penis from my pants which was at full mass to say the least. She now commanded I fuck her clogs. She placed her clogs close together trapping my penis , it poking between the two clogs lick a red stalagmite.
I began to rock back and forth at her order. Being excited and aroused beyond anything I had ever experienced I came quickly. Spewing creamy ejaculation , my wife being sure the majority of it landed on her clogs.
Then with a bit of the same demonic laugh I had heard earlier she said "look at the mess you have made , and after all that work to clean my clogs". I looked up at her our eyes met .. she said with a smile .. "you know what to do sole boy."

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