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Nose Candy

Nose Candy
By Erik

When some people think about the term "nose candy", they think about cocaine. However, for myself and probably many others in the den, the first thought that comes to mind is a nice stinky set of toes cupped over your nose and wriggling about playfully for ensured sniffing. I myself have always enjoyed feet since I was a toddler, but it wasn't until I was in kindergarten that I got my first sniffing experience.
Courtney was this girl three years ahead of me at elementary school. I remember she had long blonde hair and wasn't necessarily pretty so much as she was just very cute. I always admired her and her seemingly large feet from a distance at our babysitter's house near school grounds and would always watch her from the kindergarten enclosure and wonder what her feet smelled like in her busy little sneakers as she romped about the huge playground for older kids. One day that summer, I found out.
Since both of my parents worked all day from Monday through Friday, my brother and I were either at school or at the babysitter's place. I used to wriggle under the table and just lay on the carpet and make tons of wishes that all the girls would just sit down and rub their feet all over me. At best, maybe one girl would put her feet on my stomach every now and again, or another would accidentally step on my leg and withdraw her foot like she stepped in dog crap. They weren't all receptive or appreciative of my being in their way, for sure. But Courtney was different.
Courtney knew she was good looking, and used it to her advantage with boys her age. She liked to wrestle with them or would sit on somebody's lap every once in awhile when cartoons were on. Her dominant tendencies were sort of sadistic; she loved to tease and took pleasure in bending others to do what she wanted. One day, I found myself under the table as usual when she walked up to it and sat down. She was the only one at the table and usually I was under it so often that the other kids were used to it and just ignored the fact that I was there. Didn't earn me any of the girls' feet on my face, though.
She was doing something on paper, either coloring or maybe working on some homework, I don't know. The television was on and as a cartoon started, she started tapping and wiggling her little bare toes in tempo with the opening song. It was just too much for me to resist so I reached out and softly touched the tip of one of her big toes.
Her feet automatically slid back as she pushed her chair away from the table and leaned over to glare down at me. Her silky blonde hair somewhat obscured her face but I could still tell she was irritated. I was immediately scared because I thought she was going to start screaming at me. If you knew her, you'd be scared too. She had a real temper sometimes and didn't care who was around when she went off.
"What do you think you're doing, you little fungus?" she demanded. My feeble kindergarten brain tried to think of a perfectly reasonable explanation but failed. I could feel my heart thudding in my chest and I thought I was really in trouble. She gazed at me angrily, waiting to see how I was going to answer. I ended up mumbling a weak apology and started to roll out from under the table on the empty side.
"Oh no you don't," she whispered and stomped on my shoulder as it started to rise into the air. She quickly hooked her free ankle under my chin and snaked the top of her foot around my cheek, turning my face towards her so I'd have to look at her pale green eyes. "You're not going anywhere." She plucked up one of her socks from nearby and balled it up as she
I opened my mouth to yell for help, but before I could even finish drawing breath, she stuffed her damp sock in my mouth and all that came out was a muffled groan. Her foot slid off my cheek and found a new perch on my chest. I don't know how that girl managed to exert such pressure from a sitting position, but since I weighed maybe 40 pounds soaking wet, I found I couldn't sit up or move out from under her. I grabbed at her ankle and tried to lift her foot off of me but her leg wouldn't budge, it felt like I had a rubber anchor weighing me down. Her other foot immediately lifted off my shoulder and dealt a swift kick to my ribs.
"Stop squirming!" she hissed. "If you keep it up it's only going to get worse for you!"
"Who are you talking to, Courtney?" the babysitter called from a room that might as well have been worlds away.
"Nobody, Barbara. I'm just trying to think my way through this problem," Courtney called as I heard her tapping her notepad with her pencil. One of the kids turned up the television so they could hear The Smurfs better and wouldn't have to listen to people talking about doing homework. I was starting to panic. The long tablecloth hid what she was doing to me, and there was no way I could make a noise with her sock in my mouth and the television turned up so high that would attract attention. Remember, they were always used to ignoring my presence so I could go unnoticed for hours with 20 louder kids running around the house. My side already hurt from being kicked and I knew that Courtney meant what she said about making things worse for me. If I took that sock out of my mouth, she'd be furious and would probably mess me up really bad.
A few seconds after the tv was turned up, she lifted the tablecloth again and peered down at me. This time I didn't move an inch and stared straight up at the bottom of the tabletop.
"Now I'm going to have some fun," she said quietly. "Whatever I do, you had better just lay there and put up with it. If you don't, I'll make you stay down there longer. I'm tired of you always being down there when I'm at the table. I want to stretch my legs out and with you in the way, it really gets on my nerves. Now it's time for you to suffer." She grinned and then said in the sweetest voice, "now blink once if you understand me." I blinked and waited for her to get things over with.
Without another word, she dropped the tablecloth back into place and stuck both of her feet over my nose. Her soles were hot and red from playing all day, and her feet smelled like a cheese factory. One of her feet batted my nose hard enough to make my eyes water, and then her stinky toes spread out and nestled my little nose between. Once in place, she gave my nose a savage pinch and shook her foot back and forth, knocking my temple against the leg of an empty metal chair. I moaned and was immediately kicked in the exact same spot as earlier. How she did this without even seeing is beyond me. Courtney was a ruthless little bitch but damn did she have cute feet.
I took a deep breath through my nose since I still had my sock gag and heard her immediately sigh with pleasure. Her toes curled reflexively over my nose and I had to close my eyes to avoid having her slightly long nails poke them. Her toe tips did indeed come to rest on my eyelids and dug in a little bit, where they stayed to ensure that all I could do was smell her stinky feet and hear the other noises in the room. I had no way to measure time in this darkness but I knew eventually it would be over. I took shuddering breath after breath, much to her delight as she enjoyed the feeling of first cool air being pulled down through the tops of her toes and then warm air pushing out from my nose. The smell was intoxicating me and making me feel dizzy and I think my heart was whamming faster than ever as the smell invaded my helpless nose. She wiggled her toes and shifted her feet about, making sure I smelled every single part of her toes; the ball of her foot, in between each toe, and the base of the toes themselves. After awhile she plucked the sock out of my mouth and sealed her warm foot over my closed mouth to continue the foot smelling session. Her toes explored my face, gripping, caressing, curling gently or roughly depending on what she wanted. Through it all, I laid still and made not a sound, I just didn't want it to end if all she wanted was to have her feet smelled. Meanwhile, on the tv, The Smurfs yielded the stage to G.I. Joe. I knew a half hour had passed but dared not so much as twitch. Eventually, G.I. Joe gave way to The Transformers. Courtney showed no signs of tiring. Her feet pressed and shifted and curled this way and that as she hummed to herself and scribbled on her notepad.
Alas, all good things come to an end. A knock on the door revealed her mother, stopping by to pick up her kids on the way home. Courtney's stinky feet lifted off of me as if they'd never been there at all, leaving me weak and amazed at what went on. She quickly put on her sneakers without her socks since I had soaked one of them clear through. After gathering up her books and binder, she lifted the table cloth and evaluated the results of her work. I gazed back wordlessly.
"Tsk, you look like you loved that," she said disgustedly. "I should've figured as much. God, you're such a little turd." She flung the tablecloth back down and walked quickly out the door. I slowly rolled out from under the table and sat shakily in one of the chairs, mentally replaying each second. After that day, Courtney never came near me with her feet again. I guess I was supposed to suffer and hate what she did but when she found out that I enjoyed it, she immediately resolved to stop doing it. Maybe I should have pretended that I was in agony and that way I'd get to do some more smelling in the future. I told you she was a bitch! But damn... what a cute pair of stinky feet she had.
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