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Slave to my Wife

Slave to my Wife

By Author Unknown

It all happened about a year ago. I had an intense foot and sock fetish but could not and would not tell my wife. I spend many a day and night glued to the computer screen going into foot fetish sites and dominate female sites. I dreamed of serving someone and embellishing in my foot and sock fetishes but never dared tell anyone about my passion. One day my wife came home early and caught me on the internet and saw one of the sites i was visiting. She said nothing as if she did not see the screen. Now you have to understand my wife does computer consulting for a living so the next day she checked my harddisk for my history files and found all the sites i had been visiting. She ventured into all of these sites and found out what I had been visiting. The next day when I came home was I in for a surprise. My wife was laying on the couch in her workout outfit, sneakers and a pair of thick white tube socks. My eyes immediately dropped to her sneakers and socks. She stated that she had been jogging for the last hour and a half and was just cooling down. She told me her feet were sore and tired and asked if i would mind massaging her tired feet. Well not knowing what she knew I said of course darling it would be my pleasure. I knelt down beside the couch and slowly started to untie her laces off of her Nike athletic trainers. I took my time enjoying the site before my eyes. I could smell and see the sweat and perspiration on her socks as I slowly began to remove the Nikes. As the first creamy white socked foot emerged from the athletic shoe I got a whiff of hot sweat quickly escaping from the confines of the shoe. The sock was very damp and warm to the touch. I slowly removed her other shoe and again experienced the release of confined sweat and heat from her almost brand new Nike trainers. I began to slowly massage her thick socked feet and my fingers quickly became moist from the damp moist sweaty socks. I was in heaven. After about 10 minutes of this and my wife slowly moaning as I massaged her feet. I was then told a little more sternly to use my lips and tongue now as a massager. My wife literally ordered me to kiss her sweaty socked feet. While I have fantasized daily about getting into the exact position i was now in i started to reconsider my plight. Here i was infront of a pair of size 8 feet that were encased in a pair of thick white tube socks that had just been sweated in for almost 2 hours. I knew in my mind that if i went to the next step and began using my lips and tongue on her sexy soles I would be admitting my fetish and my wife, as smart and cunning as she was, would then have me as her foot slave. I looked up and saw my wife moaning and cooing and i swear I could see a smerky smile on her face as if she was just waiting for me to dive in. I thought to myself what the hell. It was my wife, the socks were clean except for the sweat and I had always wanted to do this. I began to devour her sock soles with my mouth and tongue. I started by slowly kissing the toes and sole and then licking the entire sole from the heel slowly up to the toes. Warm sweat was quickly lapped up by my eager tongue and bits of white sock fuzz were also removed. When I got to the toes I slowly began sucking on each toe one at a time and then placed all 5 toes in my mouth and slowly sucked her sweaty socked toes. The taste was saltly and wet. My wife moaned even louder as I sucked her toes. I kept this up, licking, kissing and sucking on her feet for almost an hour when my mouth and tongue started to tire. When I stopped and asked my wife how that was she growled at me, litterly screamed at me these very words. " WHO TOLD YOU TO STOP SLAVE" I was shocked. My wife had just called me her slave. I slowly told my wife, honey why are you screaming at me I just finished massaging your feet. She sat up and quickly slapped me across the face. She told me that unless she gave me permission I was not to speak to her. From now on things were going to be different in the house. You like dominate women and you like sucking feet and socks well guess what? From here on out you will do just that. I will from this day forward be your mistress. You will be nothing more then a sock slave. YOu will do my every command and do it very well. If you disrespect me or do not comply immediately with any of my disires you will be quickly and harshly punished. I found out what you do when you spend all that time on the computer and now you are going to live it in real life. I spend all day buying toys and special equipment for your training. I have ordered more sophisticated equipment and toys online and they should be here in a few days. For now you will work all weekend converting our den in the basement into your training and punishment room. Once it is completed and all my toys arrive we will begin your training into a complete submissive sock slave. I was shocked! I did not know what to say. Part of me was scared shitless. Part of me was eager to comply. I thought to myself that my wife was just role playing and letting me get off on a sexual experience. I could never have been more wrong in my life. What i experienced over the next year no man would ever be able to endure. What started out as a dream fantasy ended up an a submissive nightmare for me. Stay tuned for future chapters in my life as my wifes slave.

Part 2

I could not believe my decision. I had agreed to become my wifes foot and socks slave. What I experienced over the next year was an unbelievable nightmare. I spent that weekend converting our old basement den into my new training room. I was required to replace all windows with cement blocks. The walls were then covered with thick sound proof tile, all furnishings were removed. Over the next few days many toys and bondage devices were received via UPS and the mail. A metal binding table with leather restraints, A complete wooden set of stocks that I had to assemble. A pully system with ceiling eye bolts, Various leather cuffs, ball gags, inflatable gags, blindfolds, leather hoods, crops, wooden paddles, leather tauses,spreader bars and even a few mean looking electrical hand crank generator that had wire contact leads. All the toys were neatly arranged on the walls and the equipment was assembled and placed in the room. After my weekend of preperation I was then presented with a legal document. My wife had drawn up a slave contract that basically stated I would sign over everything I owned to her and relenquish all rights to any future earnings to her. I would be signing that I would willingly submit to being her slave and would allow myself to be subjected to extreme punishements if she so desired. Before I was even asked to sign my wife instructed me to strip. After I did i was instructed to place my arms behind my back. My wrists were cuffed behind my back and the cuffs were attached to a chain that went up to a ceiling hood and ultimately to the pully system. Once attached the pully system was turned on and my wrists were pulled up to the ceiling very slowly. This caused me to bend over slightly and caused extreme pain in my shoulders. My legs were then spread wide and my ankles were attached to a spreader bar. My wife then knelt infront of me and looked directly into my eyes. She stated, Slave you have read the legal document and I expect you to willing sign it, I understand that you will more then likely not want to so I have gotten you ready for your first lesson in obeyance. Now I will ask you one time the following question. Are you ready to sign. If you do not then I will subject you to 1 hour of torture. I will not stop until the hour is up no matter how much you plead or even if you decide to sign. After the hour I will give you a second chance to sign. If you choose not too and I hope you do I will then subject you to another hour of torture. This will go on till you willingly agree to sign your contract. Now lets begin. Will you sign Slave. I pleaded with my wife, I did not mean for this to go this far, I did not mean to sign my life and all belongings away, please let me go and lets talk this through. My wife simply stated that since i did not reply with a yes statement that must mean no and I was to receive my first one hour session. I tried to beg and plead but I soon found my wife slipping her foot out of her nike trainers and pulling off her thick white tube sock. She quickly balled this up and forced it into my mouth toe end first. I was told if I spit out the sock my punishment would be a 2 hour session. The stale sweaty sock completely filled my mouth and made it almost impossible to even scream. I tried to concentrate on holding the sock in my mouth as I did not want to spit it out. My session begins. My wife went over to the wall and pulled off a 2 foot long wooden paddle that was about 4 inches wide and covered with small holes. I had never been paddled before in my life and did not know what to expect. My naked condition and my bare ass stuck up in the air did not make me feel any more comfortable. My wife stood to my side and swinging full force bringing the paddle up behind her head and swinging it down across my ass cheeks. The first stroke made a sound i never heard before. A sharp cracking noise of wood coming into contact with flesh. The force of the blow nearly knocked me off my feet. The pain was immediate and intense and I let out a short muffled yell. Before I stopped my yell and got my breath another blow was laid into my soft white cheeks. CRACK! the blow landed exactly in the same spot as the first and hurt twice as much. On and on my wife slowly beat my bare ass. Over and over the wooden paddle rose and fell on my soft naked cheeks. My ass was on fire and quickly turning from red to purple. I lost count on the number of times my ass was struck with the paddle at around 20. After what seemed like an eturnity the beating stopped. I looked up at the clock in horror and saw only 10 minutes had passed. The next thing I knew my wife was attaching metal clips to my testicles and penis head. I soon found out that these clips were connected to wires that led to the hand crank generator my wife held in her hand. She quickly explained to me that this device delivered a painful electrical shock. The shocks intensity and duration depended on how fast the hand crank was turned and how long it was turned. After the crank was turned a button would be pushed and the stored current would be sent down the wires to the waiting sensitive penis. My wife quickly demonistrated by slowly turning the hand crank 3 times and then pressing the button. What I felt next was something i cannot even begin to describe. My cock felt on fire and as if a thousand wasps had stung it at one time. My entire body shock as the brief and simple shock was applied. I was begining to become scared and wished i had agreed to sign the document. My wife then began my session by applying a series of shocks to my balls that left me sweating profusely and in great pain. The crank was turned faster each time and for longer periods. I received over 25 shocks to my cock. I felt as if i would pass out on some as they lasted up to 15 seconds. luckly my wife gave me short rests between each excruciation shock which made the electro therpy session take about 40 minutes. I had 10 minutes left until I would be given a second chance to sign. My wife finished the 10 minutes by retreiving a thin wooden cane from the wall and whipping the back of my legs from my knees up to my ass. The cane stung and hurt a lot more then the wooden paddle and I quickly was reduced to tears of pain. After about the 30 stroke my session ended and my sock gag was removed from my mouth. ARE YOU READY TO SIGN was all that was asked from my wife. I had no choice, I either signed or subjected myself to painfull tortures from my wife. I stated YES MISTRESS and the pullys quickly lowered my arms and my restraints were removed. I reluctenly signed the document and my wife laughed as she took it to her safe. I was told to get use to this because it would be part of my daily lifestyle from now on.

Part 3 to come soon.

Part 3

My wife let me rest the rest of the day. She wanted my ass and legs to heal and for my cock to stop its painful throbbing. The following day my wife got up for her early morning jog. I noticed that she placed the same white tube socks she wore the previous day on her sexy feet and then placed a second pair of short ankle length white socks over these. She then slipped into her Nike trainers and was off for her run. Now my wife is an athletic goddess. She runs 2 hours a day and also works out doing aerobics and lifting weights. She is very fit and very beautiful. Since she is a computer consultant and works out of our home she can keep her own hours. I on the other hand have a 9 to 5 job and have to go to work daily. I would find out that this would be my only reprive from my new goddess torments. It was 6 AM and within an hour my wife returned from her run. She instructed me to remove her sneakers and the top pair of short white socks from her feet. I was then instructed to begin licking her inner white tube socks from heel to toe very slowly and sucking in any sweat as i went along. My wife kept me doing this for about 15 minutes when she then instructed me to begin sucking her toes. This is where i almost gagged. Having the same pair of socks on two days straight and then having another pair placed over top of them as she ran made the feet sweat all the more profusely and the bottom layer of white cotton material to absorb all the more foot sweat. The toes were literally drenched in sweat and I was told to begin sucking till all moisture was removed. After 15 minutes of this torment I was instructed to go to the kitchen and bring back a gallon size self sealing glad bag. I was instructed to peel of the sweaty tube socks and place them in the bag and seal it. My wife would leave these sealed goodies in the bag until her evening run where they would be placed back on her feet. After I returned home that night I would be required to do this same process again with the socks. My wife told me this would go on all week with the same pair of white tube socks and then the new week would start off with a fresh pair. I can only imagine what the socks on Saturday and Sunday the last 2 days of this week would taste like. When I arrived home that night I performed my sock licking services as I had done that morning. When I was finished my wife said it was time for my supper and brought forth a bowl of soup for me to consume. It was a thick vegetable soup but I noticed something in the bowl that looked strange. To my horror when i fished out the strange looking substance I found it to be my wifes short ankle length pair of white socks she had run in this morning and this evening. I was told that I was not allowed to use any spoon but to use the socks to pick up the soup and then suck out the contents into my mouth. I was in total shock. My wife wanted me to feed myself using her sweaty sports socks. I was told I had 15 minutes to finish the bowl and if I made any faces or did not finish it was a trip to the behavior modification room downstairs. I tried. I really tried to comply but the thought of sucking soup out of a pair of stale socks was sickining. I got about 4 sock fulls of soup sucked into my mouth before i lost my cookies and puked onto the table. My wife was not too happy with this and immediately ordered me to strip and go down to the basement to await my punishement. As i stripped i noticed my wife wiping up the mess with her socks and wringing out the mess back into my soup bowl. She told me as i finished that I would not waste any of her food and as part of my punishment I would be forced to drink the remaining soup and my puke. My wife followed me down the stairs with the nasty bowl of soup. I was strapped down on the metal table face up.The leather straps were placed on my ankles and wrists, one over my thighs and one over my chest. A final one went over my forehead and strapped my head motionless. My wife told me she would give me one more chance to finish my soup. She retrieved a funnle from the wall and a nose clamp. The nose clamp was placed on my nose cutting off any air intake there. I was left only with my mouth to breath through. The funnel was inserted into my mouth and held firmly in place by my wife the other hand held the bowl of nasty soup. The socks were removed and placed on my chest. My wife told me she was ready to begin pouring the soup. She would not release me till i drank it all. If i did not swallow it i would not breath. I was panicking. Fear was welling up in my eyes. My wife said calmly that if i complied it would soon be over. I soon found warm nasty sock tasting chunky soup being poured down my throat. I wanted to puke but I knew if i did i would drown on my own liquids. I swallowed as quickly as i could so i would not have to taste the nasty substance. It was foul and hard but i finally got it all down. Just when i thought my torment was over my wife wrung out the socks that were laying on my chest into the funnel. More even fouler tasting liquid poured down my throat. My wife told me that she was happy to see i enjoyed my meal and that i would be receiving all future meals in a simular fashion. Now that I had finished it was time to be disiplined for my misbehavior. The wrung out ankle socks were quickly stuffed into my mouth and duct tape was secured over my mouth to keep them in place. My mouth was fully stuffed with two pair of wet ankle socks in them. My wife then went down to the end of the table and placed a chair there and sat down. She calmly stated that she was well aware of how ticklish i was and the fact that my feet were supersensitive and i hated to even be touched on them. As tonights punishment i would be subjected to prolonged intense foot tickle tortures. I tried to thrash and move my feet out of the way knowing how intensly ticklish i was. My wife only laughed and slowly began dragging her long finger nails over my soles. I screamed and shreked in laughter into my sock encased mouth. Only muffled giggles were emitted out. The fingers slowly worked their way up and down my soles, no surface was left untouched. I thrashed and screamed as much as i could but the assult did not stop, to my horror i felt the fingers start to pick up their pace as she started to dance her nails over both soles at once. The torture went on for hours. I began sweating profusely and my lungs were gasping for air. When i was near passing out my wife would slow down to a light massaging technique but would never fully stop. When I got some of my wind back she would start back up again full force, telling me all along the way that this is what bad slaves deserve and his was mild compared to some of the tortures that I would have to endure. My wife told me that she would keep a log of my misfortunes and if i ever did one a second time such as puking my meal tonight the punishments would be doubled and much more severe. I was in my best interests to learn quickly and comply with her every wish or else. I passed out somewhere around midnight after enduring over 4 hours of foot tickling. I slept on the metal table tied down and the nasty socks still in my mouth. I awaited tomorrow to arrive and continue my duties as my wifes sock slave.


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