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Foot sniffing party

Foot sniffing party
By dave
I met Chris Pavilion once through his site and visited him in Niagara Falls about 2 years ago. We met and talked about our mutual foot fetish for the scent of female feet. At that time he was going to do a shoot with someone named Lena. I watched and participated on a couple shots getting to sniff her feet. It was great. I really liked the forced idea of being made to sniff female feet.

I'm in business, 37 years old, and I run three video/computer game arcades and internet cafes around Harrisburg. I'm located to quite a few colleges and the majority of my business is from college and teenagers coming into the stores. Over the past 3 years I've got to know a lot of them, and there are many girls who come in large groups and spend a lot of time on the computers and videos. One of them is a girl named Cherrie (real name) and a friend of hers' whose name she does not want revealed. I've got to know Cherrie and her friend. They were both just starting college and are really nice people. I'd give them free time on the computers and video time, and they'd offer to help sometimes on Saturdays to sign people in. One day I over heard them speaking about a large party they were arranging, and mostly females attending. My fetish for smelling females' feet is really strong, and I thought this may be an ideal opportunity to consider. I fantasized about sniffing some of their feet at such a party in the same position as some of Chris' guys on his old page, and for days was tossing it back and forth in my mind about whether I should ask them about this. I thought about it and finally got up the nerve to approach Cherrie and this friend and see what their reaction would be. I new this would be really sensitive, because she had no idea I liked the scent of feet, and may never speak to me again. Let alone, that I was going to ask them both to play a role in a game that would involve having them all putting their feet and their friends' feet in my face.

They both came in on a Saturday and I went to the back area of the café and sat them both down. I just came right out with it and shared my fetish with them about sniffing the scent of female feet. They started laughing at first, but thought it was ok, and said it sounded like a fun thing. Cherrie's friend added that she new a girlfriend who likes shoving her feet in her boyfriend's face. I thought this was encouraging. I then proposed my idea to them about letting me sniff their feet and maybe their friends' feet at this party. I approached it on the basis that if they could help me with this, I could do something for them somehow. I tried to present it to them as a fun idea, that having a guy at this party as a foot slave (I had to explain this concept to them, they had no idea what a foot slave was), could be fun, and would make them look good in front of their friends. I said that they could sort of show off to their friends that they could host a party, and control a guy to the point of having him available to their friends to use his face as a foot stool and sniff their feet. Sort of like a "party perk" for them and their friends. At first they were a bit shocked and asked me all kinds of questions like how could I stand smelly feet, did I have a bad childhood, and is this something I've always done or just recently, etc. I comforted them that the smell of feet is what I found intriguing, and that no, I had a perfectly fine childhood. One thing they did ask me was if I got off on sniffing the scent of feet, like did I cum sniffing feet. I thought they were seeing if it was a sexual thing for me, to which I said no; as I figured if I had of answered yes, they would likely have said no right away. I also said that I found it intriguing to be sort of humiliated by being under their feet being made to smell them, and said it wasn't a sexual thing. I think this also comforted them, because I sensed that with me being older and all, they were testing me with these questions seeing if I was faking the thing about feet, to see if this perhaps as a sneaky way for me to try and hit on them for sex or something. I then also mentioned about me being lightly tied up too, and they looked at me again quite weirdly. But I reinforced this by saying that it shows that I'm just there to be under their feet, nothing else, and that being tied up would help to make it look like I was under their control. After a bit of coaxing, they warmed up to it. We talked for about an hour, and I did my best to convince them that this might be a fun for them. We concluded our discussion by agreeing to let them think on it for a couple of days and then get back to me.

We met the next Saturday, sat down again, and they said they wanted to try it. I was ecstatic when they told me this, I was sure they weren't going to go for it. In this same discussion, though, I found out why they were eager to do this. Cherrie and her friend said that if they did this for me, that they wanted me to buy each of them a laptop computer for college. I agreed (not top of the line for sure, but a lower end Gateway which I got for them). They said they talked to about 5 other immediate friends and they all were willing to try this. We talked about another hour, going over details, etc. Both Cherrie and her friend were chuckling and snickering as we were talking about it, and seemed to be into trying this. It was getting me super excited just talking about it, but I tried not to show any excitement. They asked me how stinky I wanted them to have their feet. This was surreal. Cherrie said her friend and her, and the others could get their feet pretty stinky by the time of the party. I said to please do their best to get their feet stinky, and that they should not feel that they will offend me with anyone's feet being too smelly. They also said that they told Cherrie's sister about me, and that she may also have a bit of a party too that night, and that there could be quite a few females coming over. Their parents went away for a week on vacation somewhere. This was fantastic. They gave me directions to their house and I planned to arrive on time.

I showed up at Cherrie's house. It was huge, I have no idea what her parents did, but they obviously did very well. I was greeted by Cherrie and about three of her friends. They showed me around, and the party was already started. There were people all over the house, mostly females. In this large backyard there were probably 50 girls and maybe 3 guys. The girls looked to be well on their way and quite drunk. Everyone was flashing each other, lifting up their shirts to show their tits and stuff. And a lot of these girls were kissing each other a lot too. They had lights up and lots of booze around. We went up stairs and into a large room off of an exercise room. We continued walking through the house, and I saw that they had put up signs around the house with some arrows in certain rooms announcing to partygoers that there was a guy upstairs who would sniff their feet. It was hot out and Cherrie and these 5 - 7 friends had skimpy shorts and tank tops on. They all looked gorgeous. They showed me a bed room off the exercise room, it had a sign in it too saying "line up" here. She said it was for me too. There was rope on the bed and Cherrie asked if that would work for me. It was perfect, but I said that to just use a couple of ties, as I was a bit nervous with a lot of people around. There were far more people at this party than I had imagined. I almost thought of canceling this idea, but I was just too excited. They were all standing around fidgeting and looking nervous themselves. I got Cherrie and these other 4 to just tie my ankles, knees and around my chest just lightly. It was more for the visual than actually being tied up, I could have got up at anytime. They all helped when tying me, and one of the 5 girls in the room with a yellow top said that she didn't understand how I could like smelling feet, and thought it was gross. I tried to explain it to her, but she was a bit skeptical and didn't look much into it. She kept giving me dirty looks and bluntly said she wouldn’t' do it. I figured there would be a few who would not participate.

I got them to put me on my back on the floor and told Cherrie to get a green bench that was in the room and put it over top of me where they could sit. I also asked Cherrie if she had tape of some kind to put over my mouth. She couldn't figure out why, and when I told her that it makes me breathe through my nose, she got some white tape from somewhere and used it. This one girl in the yellow shirt was really not happy with this situation, and kind of walked out of the room. I didn't see her again, and it was too bad because she looked great. Cherrie and this friend were really encouraging the others and getting them more and more involved. One girl asked if the lights could be dimmed, so someone turned them down. Again, I think a lot of them were self-conscious of this scene. They were all jumping and moving around the room above me. One was on the phone almost screaming telling some other friend about me and to come over to make a guy sniff her feet. It was almost surreal again. I was starting to get hard but I had earlier put on a tight bikini style speedo bathing suit under my underwear which would suppress the bulge in my pants if I got erect. I knew this would not be cool to show I was sexually excited. It worked perfectly with my jeans, and although I was hard it was suppressed well.

Just at this point there was 7 - 10 different girls in the room, and two or three more came in. They all started to either take off their jeans or shorts to their panties. I don't know to this day why, but I presume Cherrie convinced them to do this. It was an added bonus. Cherrie stood up and sort of gave everyone instructions by saying I was a party perk to use for their feet, and to spread word around the party. Cherrie then came over, sat on the bench, kicked off her sneakers and put her feet in my face. They smelled of a strong popcorn scent and a bit of that crisp vinegary scent. The others all stood right up close and watched. Some were saying gross, and others were laughing and whistling. You could tell she never made a guy smell her feet, but she did keep them on my face for about 10 minutes or so. Then her friend took a turn and her feet smelled a fair bit too. After about 5 minutes, a third one of these 7 kicked off her sneakers and put her feet in my face. I could see there was an actual line of about 4 girls behind the bench taking off their jeans and shoes. They were all so cute, beautiful bodies too. The room was kind of abuzz with laughing and high pitched giggling. After about 20 minutes or so I think I had sniffed about 9 girls' feet. Cherrie and three others had the most stinkiest feet, they were quite stinky. I gave her credit for trying and she really succeeded. I think the others were Laura and Gina, they were so pretty looking up at them from between their toes. Another real cutie with stinky feet was Brea.

Over the next 45 minutes there was a fairly steady stream of girls coming in. I would say 40% of the ones that came in the room put their feet in my face either for a few seconds or probably the longest after Cherrie being about 5 minutes. Cherrie's friend came by a few times with a camera and took a few pictures. You could tell some were really embarrassed, and thought their feet were really stinky. Probably every second one asked me if their feet stank once they put them in my face. The whole night there was probably only 5 - 7 whose feet were perfect and were quite stinky. Generally though, most had a faint trace of foot odor, but nothing that I would consider strong. Even though, it was fun watching them looking down at me and really getting into having their feet in a guy's face for likely the first time. Cherrie and her friend would come in every now and then and put their feet in my face, kind of encouraging all the others. Again, she was great. The whole thing took about 1 hour. When I got up and walked around through the rooms after, everyone would raise their foot up at me when I walked by. I really raised the awareness of feet sniffing and foot fetishism though, as I saw one girl sucking on another's toes.

Cherrie's friend took some pics that night, but only a couple were taken of me, the rest were of the party. She sent a few to me. I attached some in the Word .doc.

It was fun and was worth the laptop computers.

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