Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lost bet and forced to smell

Lost bet and forced to smell
Elko WK

While visiting my friend Tonya in Atlanta, we went to a sports bar to watch the Falcons-Cowboys game. She being from Atlanta rooted for the Falcons of course, I bet her that the Cowboys would win. We had a hard time decideing what the payoff would be, the Falcons won, which meant I lost the bet. On the way back to her place, she sat in the passenger seat of my car and took off her tennis shoes, revealing an unbelievable stench. I said, "Damn! What's with those feet? She replied, they just stink, I can't do anything about it. How'd you like to smell them up close?" I said, "you're derranged". She then replied, I think you should have to smell them since you lost the bet," I said, can you think of something else I can do do compensate?"
She then replied, "I think that making you smell my feet would be my favororite payoff." I said "I don't think so." She replied, "Oh yeah? We'll just see about that when we get back to my place."
We arrived at her place, and without hesitation, she told me to lie down on the floor on my back. I did so, just to call her bluff. I never thought she could actually do this to me. She then placed a chair over miy mid-section, and in a very persuasive tone informed me that I was to submit to everything she ordered me to do. With her sneakers still on, she sat in the chair, looking straight down on me, saying "I'm gonna do it to ya." "You are to look straight up and not move your head, OK?" Feeling like I could tough it out I said "Do what you want, I can handle it it." Which she replied, "you'll be sorry you said that, you're going to suffer!" In a matter of seconds, she kicked off her sneakers, slowly lowered her right foot down, placed it right on my nose and commanded me: "Smell!" The aroma hit me like a freight train, her soft fleshy warm sole devoured my face. She applied light pressure, saying "I love the feel of your nose sinking into my bare sole."
For some strange reason, I got a hardon. She repeated the command "smell" over and over. Occaisionally adding "smell my feet", "breath through your nose", "suffer", then asking me "is it awful" I replied "yes" then she said "good- I want to torture you." She then places both feet on my face, repeating the "smell" command as if she was hypnotizing me. She the began to finger herself, and informed me that I would later have to lick her feet after they were "aired out". She commanded me to extend my tongue out fully so that she could wipe her feet on my tongue starting at the heel, and moving down to the toes. I was ordered to suck her heels, lick between each toe, and then she would slide her sole from side to side on my tongue. After she got herself off, she told me that the next time I lost a bet with her that she would put something else on my nose, worse than her feet. It didin't take much imagnation to know what that was. Now every time we're out together, she taunts me about how she's going to "get me under her feet again", and also sit on my face. I feel compelled to submit since she's my friend, and I want to make her happy.


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