Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sisters Girlfriends

Sisters Girlfriends

By Author Unknown

My first experience with a female's stocking legs and feet was in college with three of my sister's girlfriends. After meeting me one day at our house, they found out where I lived through my sister. It was an all-girls college so I could not go to their dorms. Without my sister's knowledge, the three of them, Christine, Sandra & Jennifer, showed up at my door one day after school! They had on their school uniform outfits, short plaid skirts, slips, blouses, pantyhose, heels, and were wearing red lipstick, looking extremely hot, and were pleasantly sloshed just having had drinks at Sandra's mom's house.
They were slightly aggressive by nature and pushed their way inside, laughing and giggling, and locked the door behind them.
"Your sister said you're a 'leg man' and that while you were drunk one night you confessed to her how beautiful her legs are and how she let you kiss & make love to her legs & feet!"
I was extremely embarrassed - my face turning different colors. Christine said, "Yeah pervert, and if you don't want me to tell everyone about you and your sister's legs, then you will just have to 'do' our legs and feet too." Jennifer and Sandra grabbed me and pulled me into my bedroom and pushed me to the floor. Christine, who could barely walk in her heels, removed them as she sat on my bed, and pressed her sweaty stocking feet into my face and told me to smell and suck on them as Jennifer and Sandra pinned my arms and held my head still.
I couldn't move away and as I struggled a bit, Jennifer sat on my chest and knelt close to my face, holding my head still with her beautiful pantyhose legs and took pleasure in slapping my face and insulting me for awhile as Sandra & Christine pulled down my pants and began massaging my erect cock with their soft pantyhose feet. After Jennifer was finished slapping my now "beet-red" face she pulled down her pantyhose and sat her warm ass right on my face, almost smothering me and told me to, "Lick it if I knew what was good for me." I could not resist and licked her ass for a while as she moaned and called me names like "sissy boy" and "faggot". They told me that they also knew from my sister that I was caught crossdressing one evening in my bedroom. They all began to laugh. Christine and Sandra were still rubbing my cock with their pantyhose feet and I could not hold back and spurt my cum all over their stocking feet as Jennifer was still moaning as she made my tongue disappear inside her ass until she came.
Sandra told me to lick all my cum off her and Christine's stocking feet and I did. Afterwards, Jennifer removed her pantyhose and handed them to me telling me to wear them to bed every night and think of her! She laughed, and after cleaning themselves up, Christine said they would be back on Friday evening for more "fun" with me. This went on for a couple of years!
I haven't seen them in a long time and wish I could now find a group of girls dressed as sexy school girls to use and abuse me with their stocking legs and feet.

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