Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stuck Smelling

Stuck Smelling

By Noel

I was about twelve years old and I used to hang out with a friend of mine who lived about 10 blocks from my house. During the summer I went over much more and the only people there were him and his sister. Usually I called before I went but since my dad was on the phone I just walked over. As it turns out his sister greeted me at the door and let me in. I asked for Steve but his sister Michelle said he was sent over to his grandmother's house to do the lawn. I said cool and was about to walk home when Michelle who was about twenty at the time asked if I could help her move some furniture around her room. She was having a hard time moving a dresser to the other side of the room. the rug was causing a lot of friction and so we began to push and shove this dresser. We did not think to take the drawers out of the dresser to make it lighter. I made my way to the rear of the dresser next to the wall and began to push but it tipped way to hard and then came back my way sudde! nly. I dropped to my knees to duck and the dresser hit the wall and defying the rug kept sliding slow toward the floor. Michelle tried keep it from make its way down to failed. Eventually it forced me into a position where I was laying down face up. I was only pinned but I could breathe. Michelle asked if I was O.K. At that moment there was a knock at the door and it was one of Michelles friends. To this day I don't know her real name but I guess for the sake of the story I will call her Tawna. So Tawna comes in with Michelle and see waht has happened. They both try to lift the dresser but to no avail. Michelle says she is going to the next door neighbor for help. Tawn laughs and asks if I am allright. I say yes. You know she says I have an idea. I fantasize about doing this to my younger brother but I have never had the chance. She proceeded to take off her shoes and socks. Underneath she had pantyhose on. I asked what she was doing and she said I want you to smell my feet. I said no way. She put her foot over my face and tried to press it into my face. But I squirmed and turned my face from side to side. come on she said just a little sniff. Get way I said. Then Michelle walked in and said nobody is home how is he... what are you doing Tawna? I am doing what we talked about doing with my little brother. Now way, I did not even think of that. He won't let me. Michelle pleaded with me. Please smell our feet. Nope, just let me out of here. I ahve an idea, Tawna said hold his head between your knees and I will make him smell my feet. At first Michelle hesitated but finally agreed to do it. I struggled at first but finally I stopped and just smelled her feet. I guess I liked the attention I was getting even if it was not what I expected. Tawna even went into the kitchen to get a chair and she rubbed the soles of her feet in my face for a long time. She would do it very slowly and then a little faster. She would stop now and again and leave her toes above my nose. Michelle finally let me go and took off her own shoes. Tawn kept on caressing my face with her feet. Michelle dat down and smilled at me and rubbed my face as well. I even began to kiss her soles and she explored my face with her feet. I opened my mouth and allowed her toes to enter. I mainly sucked on her big toe. After they had their fun they threatened to tell Steve about this if I didn’t not come around once a week when he was gone so I could be their foot slave. I agreed and this lasted about a month and then school started.

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