Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chrissie's Feet

Chrissie's Feet

By Author Unknown

Her name was Chrissy Huber. I loved her, every part of her, her medium length brown hair, great face, wonderful personality, and awesome size 7 feet. She had a nice tan. We always loved to play cops and robbers, the robber would be tied up by the cop and i was usually the robber. We always tied each other losely and this one time she hog tied me really tight "i give up" i said. "haha, your stuck she siad" She then carried me to her house where no one home becuase her parents were away for the weekend. She then told me the from now on, i was to be her slave. She took pictures of me tied up and hid them. She then got her oldest pair of gym shoes and had me sit under a chair over my stocmach while she sat on the chair. She rested the smelly pair of shoes right on my face for 10 mins and she then decided to tape my mouth shut. She rested her socked feet on my face and i was inhaling the aroma while i heard her gigleing. Her feet were sweaty from all the running. Chrissy then took off her socks and shoved both of them in her mouth and rested her bare feet on my face while she watched tv.

"im bored" she said. She then taped her gym shoes to my face and hog tied me.

At our strict school, any pretty girls are allowed to bring male foot slaves. The next day Chrissy bought me in. She put a leash around me and we walked to the bus stop(i was on all fours). She had me on all fours and sat down on my back while waiting for the bus. While we were on the bus, i had to lay in the aisle while everyone rubeed ther smelly feet all over my face. for the first 4 periods in each class, my face was under her socked feet. At liunch, i was under her table of girls with their feet being rubeed all over my body. She ordered spaghetti just for me and mashed it up with her sneakers for me to eat. Then came gym. She shoved me in a locker and tied me up with girls socks. The smell was intoxicating. After, they rubbed their sweaty, smelly feet all over my face becuase they just had to run 3 miles.( they were runnung without socks) The leash was then puit around my neck and i was walked back home for more torture, and more totrture the next day.

Part 2: us Ride, Homeroom, and First Period

I had been Chrissies slave in school all week. On the way tot he bus stop, Chrissy walked in some mud by accident. "Lick it off" she said. So in front of everyone at the bus stop, i started lick the mud off Chrissies shoes. They looked like new ehn i was done. On the Bus, i laid in the aisle while Chrissy stood full weight on my face with her New Balance Sneakers and her friend, Mary Bambino, stoop full weight on my crotch and jumped up and down. When we got to school, my face smelled like feet and my crotch was sore. When we got to school, Chrissy tied me to a pole and started talking with her friends. My face was open or anyone to step on. People cleaned their shoes on my face"Stick your bottom Jaw Out" one girl said. I did and hse rubbed the bottom of her sneakers on my jaw with old gum and dirt falling in to my mouth. I then had to swallow it.I was then untied and bought to Chrissy's lcoker, where my mouth was taped shut. we walked into Homeroom and Chrissy instantly took off her shoes and socks. ";lick my soles, NOW" she said. I comnpleid, licking in front of the whole class. Everyone started laughing and asked if they could try me and by the end of homeroom, i had licked everyones shoes, barefeet, and socks.

The leash was then put around me and i was walked to first period. Our teacher, Chrissy's mom, asked to use me for a second. She had me lick the floor from top to bottom and then Chrissy told me to lay under the leg of the deskthese were 100 pund tables) She lifte d the desk and rested it on my crotch. I was in pain. One by one, the girls sat on teh desk and crossed their legs. The Chrissy delivered the Final Blow by jumping on the desk and anding on her ass. She rested sher socked feet on my face till the end of first period

Part 3: Englsish, Social Studies, and Lunch

Chrissy then put the leash on me and walked me to english. She sat at her desk and i was under her socks, again. She shoved her foot in my mouth and looked like a princess with that beautiful brown hair. She was a princess to me. Then Social Studies came, which was upstairs. There was a railing in the middle of the stairs and my crotch was resting on the pole and i had to crawl my way up the stairs with my crotch getting smashed. I finally gotup and we went to Social Studies. Again, i was under Chrissy's socks. "He is such a loser" Mary said "Can i borrow him tomorrow?" "Well, i do need him, how about 10 bucks?Chrissy said. "Sure"said mary. So i was rented out to 10 people and she made 100 bucks while i did all the work.

The Leash was then put around me again and i was walked to lunch. I was put under the table and everyonerested their feet on me. Every so often, someone dropped a piece of food and smashed it with their shoes. "oops" they wouls say. I would have to lick it off and swallow it. At the end of Lunch, Chrissies shoes were kind of dirty so i had to lick it from top to bottom, and also her socks. The leash was put on me and i was walked down the hall, with all the girls kicking me in the face...


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