Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dirty and Smelly Feet Story

Dirty and Smelly Feet Story
Toejam Breath

In my neighborhood, there was a pack of girls that lived on the block. They used to walk around and hang out and listen to music etc. One of the girls, Megan, would sometimes come over and hang out with me and chat. She was older than me, maybe by 5 years. She was always nice but took on a nice/mean role when around her friends. One day when Megan was sitting on my porch talking to me, her friends showed up. Cindy and Cara came up to us and asked her if she was babysitting me. She told them that she wasn't that she was just hanging out. They sat down with Megan on the porch, and I had been sitting on the bottom step. They started talking about school, boys, and the latest albums, when Cindy suddenly asked Megan why I was looking at her feet. Megan said, I don't know, but he seems to look at mine a lot too, don't worry about it. All three girls loved walking around barefoot it seemed, cause they never had shoes on, and I noticed as they talked, they would all flex their toe and soles to show extremely dirty foot bottoms. Cara told the other girls that she liked to make her brother smell her bare feet, and that he never tried to move or get away when she would do this. Cara's brother, Tim and I threw the ball around together and I never knew that he was in the same position that my cousin, Amber put me in from time to time. Cara then lowered her feet towards my face and asked me if she could rest her feet on me, cause the ground was hard and uncomfortable. I didn't say anything as she pressed me onto my back with her dirty fot leaving a footprint on my white t-shirt. They all began looking at me slyly, as Cara rubbed her feet on my face and giggled, Cindy slid hers under my t-shirt, and pushed it up to my my neck, bearing my chest and tummy. She rested her feet near my nipples and wiggled her toes around them playfully. Megan said, while laughing, come on guys leave him alone. "i think he likes it" said Cara, he isnt even trying to get away and my feet are SMELLY and full of filth. Give it a try, said Cindy to Megan, And still unsure of herself, she shrugged her shoulders and layed her bare feet across my tummy, and wiggled them a bit as I laughed from the tickling. "Do you like this?" Megan asked, mesmerized, I said nothing. "See??!!" said Cindy and Cara. Cara had been wiping her feet on my face for a while now, and decided to pres my jaw down and shove some toes in, only to receive sqealing from the others, Get the dirt off, she said while shoving toe after toe into my wet mouth.. "Stop it Cara, that's gross, " megan said, until of course Cara offered to switch places with Megan. Megan tried pushing her dirty feet down my throat as she giggled with delight as she made me suck each toe and in between, leaving funky bits of dirt on my tongue. My mother suddenly appeared at the window with my brother peeking behind her, asking "What are you girls doing??' N-N-Nothing Mrs Baker, Megan replied as the feet were painfully removed from me. "Oh, said my mother, just playing?, Well I hope you can still Babysit for the boys next week. "of course, Mrs baker, Megan replied, but would it be ok if a girlfriend or two were to visit me?" "I trust your judgement" replied my mother...............


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