Friday, July 8, 2011

High School Crush

High School Crush
By Jock Foot Slave
It all started my junior of high school. I was one of the popular guys, like
most star athletes are. Everyone in the school knew my name and who I was.
There was one girl though, I had none for quite some time and had become
friends with that I had the biggest crush on, Krista. She was a class below
me and I had developed the biggest crush on her. Krista was your classic
beauty that was overlooked by many. Being a pommie, and totally hot, most
guys took notice to her, but she was always in the shadow so to say of a few
other girls who were said to be "hotter". She was a part of my group in home
ec. and sat across the table from me. I would constantly talk and flirt with
Krista, and she would play back. I also would take every chance to look down
her shirt, and look at her feet.
The fixation really grew one day in class when she wore these small brown
leather sandals. She had her legs crossed beneath the table and was rocking
her leg back and forth. Then she "accidentally" kicked me. I looked at her
and playfully said "You kick me again and I'm gonna get a hold of those
pretty little feet." She just smiled and asked me if that was a threat or a
promise, then kicked me again. This time I grabbed her foot and pulled her
sandle off exposing her cute feet and started to tickle them. While I
tickled her she squirmed in her chair until she somehow managed to stub the
toe on her other foot against the leg of the table. Then she slipped that
sandle off and put her foot on the table, her feet just inches from my face
and told me "Kiss my foot and make it feel better". Now I have a big foot
fetish, but no one knows this, and I can't necessarily let my jock friends
know I have a foot fetish, so I joke with her for a little bit and basically
turn it into a joke, then I kiss the bottom of her foot, smelling the sweet
aroma of her foot. I had the biggest hard on ever when I kissed her foot,
and I did my best to hide it.
Just a few weeks later our group of 5 was baking cookies. Someone in our
group messed up with the timer and we burned our cookies and flunked that
portion of the assignment. Not wanting to take an F, our grouped talked our
teacher into letting us redo it after school that day. The two of the guys
in our group other than me had to work after school and couldn't stay, so
that left me, Krista, and Megan.
School finally ended that day and I headed for the home ec room to be
greeted by Krista. I walked in and asked her "Where is Megan at", Krista
looked at me and shook her head at me. "You just don't get it do you? I told
Megan to go ahead and go home, that me and you could handle it. Those
cookies didn't burn by accident."
"What do you mean those cookies didn't burn by accident. If you burned those
on purpose I'm leaving," I responeded.
"I've seen you looking at me. You like to look at me don't you?" she asked.
"Your good looking. You know you are. I'm not the only guy here who looks
at you." I answered quickly.
"Yes, but your are the only guy that looks at my feet, aren't you?"
"What are you talking about I don't look at your feet."
"Thats a shame, we could have gotten along so well, I would love to have
someone kiss my feet for me. I guess I'll just leave then."
Krista started to walk out of the room. I looked at her beautiful ass, then
to her feet, and swallowed my pride. "Stop," I said softly, "I like to look
at your feet."
"What was that? I couldn't hear you."
"I like to look at your feet. I always have," I repeated for her.
Krista walked back over to me and sat down. She slipped off her shoes as she
gazed at me. Then she got a wicked little grin on her face. "So big bad
football player has a foot fetish does he? I wonder what the football
players would say about if the knew. I think you'd be the laughing stock in
the locker room. I think I'll just have to leak this out." I had never heard
such meaness in her usually soft and gentle voice. I looked at her in
disbelielf, "Please don't tell them." I asked.
"What will you do if I for me if I don't? Will you do whatever I ask of
"Yes, I will, just please don't tell anyone."
"On your hands and knees in front of me, and don't look at my face slave!"
I couldn't believe what was happening, I was humilated, but at the same time
I was aroused. I got down on all fours and just stared at her beautiufl
feet. "Now what?" I asked her. She put her foot right against my forehead,
putting the arch of her foot right by my nose so I could smell her feet.
"First we lay down the rules. Rule one, you always refer to me as Mistress.
Rule two, you do not do ANYTHING without my telling you to. That includes
talking. Rule three, whatever I say goes without question. Rule four, unless
told otherwise, you will treat me like a normaly person during class, not
like your mistress. Every day after school you will be mine for as long as I
wish. If I do not want you to serve me on that day, I will let you know. You
got that slave boy?"
"Yes mistress."
"Good, that is just what I wanted to hear. Now get your clothes off." I took
my clothes off and laid them on one of the tables. I was on the floor on all
fours butt naked with my cock throbbing. Krista started to rub her foot up
and down my cock quite hard. "I see this turns you on. Figures a low life
like you would get off on this. I want you to lick my toes until I tell you
otherwise. As long as I am happy with the job you are doing I will continue
to rub your cock with my foot, so I suggest you do a good job."
She took her right toe and pushed it into my mouth while her left foot
started to rub back and forth over my cock. I took her big toe in my mouth
and sucked it like there was no tommorow. I ran my lips up and down it, then
traced my tongue all along the bottom of it, sucking it as if it were a
giant cock. The more I licked and sucked on her toe the more she rubbed her
foot againt my cock arousing me farther. I then started to lick between her
toes, running my tongue in every direction I could. I slowly moved down her
foot, getting every toe then working my way back. After nearly 15 minutes of
this I felt my muscles tightning then without warning I blew my wad all over
Krista's foot that was massaging my cock. She quickly pushed me back with
her foot then started to scold me.
"How could you, a lowly slave shoot your cum all over my foot. Did I give
you permission to have to do that?"
"No mistress."
"Then why did you do it slave?"
"Because you aroused me mistress."
"Well you'll need to learn some self control. I don't want all this stuff on
my foot. Lick it off, and I want every drop of it off. And you better
swallow every last bit of it." She stuck her foot in my face and I looked at
in disbelief. How could I shoot such a big wad? Her foot was covered. I took
to my mouth and started to lick up every drop of my own cum, gagging
slightly with every taste of semen. After much licking on her foot I finally
had all the cum off her beautiful shapely foot. Once I was finished she
started to run her fingers through my hair, then she finally grabbed my hair
as hard as she could and pulled my head back.
"Since you seem to want to shoot a wad I want you to lay on your back and
masterbaute for me. You have 4 minutes to finish. If your not done in four
minutes then I have a punishment in store for you slave. However, if you do
finish, then you can go home for today and I'll see you tommorow. Got it
foot slave?"
"Yes mistress."
"Now get to it!" I quickly laid back on my back and took my cock in my right
hand and started stroking it like I had never stroked it before. The
humilation alone was enough arousal. I had never masterbauted in front of
girl before. While I laid there on the floor jerking it Krista put both her
feet on my face, standing on me. So here I am lying on the floor jacking
off, with Mistress Krista standing on my face, forcing me to smell the aroma
of her feet, and feeling her heels grind into my face, her toes wiggling
over my eyes. "45 second left!" Krist informed me. She had no more told me
that then I shot my jism all over once again.
"OK, one last task for you before I leave. First of all, wipe that off all
over the floor for me." Krista ordered. So I wiped my cum on the floor,
until every bit of it was on the floor. Krista then took her foot and rubbed
it in it, getting dirt and cum all over her foot. "Now first, I want you
lick every bit of that off the floor, then when you are done with that I
want to lick my foot clean once again. You got that slave boy?"
"Yes mistress." I got on my hands and knees and ran my tongue all over the
floor, using my tongue as a mop while I licked up my own sperm off the
dirty, grimey floor. Once I was done with that I took Krista's foot in my
hand and started to lick her foot clean once again. It was all over. I
licked her heel, the the arc of her foot, then her toes. I glanced at it for
a moment and saw there was cum between her toes as well so I licked between
each of her five toes. When I was done Mistress Krista pushed me down on my
"Thats all for today foot slave. Get your clothes and get out of my site.
Meet me tommorow, at, me in the girls locker room. See you