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My Summer of '99

My Summer of '99

By Author Unknown

This is a true story about something i experienced in the summer of '99. My name is Ian, and i am 27 years old. Not having much money, I often shopped for clothes at charity shops. Anyway, one warm summer morning, i visited a quite large charity shop in London, near where i live, i was looking to buy a pair of jeans and a shirt. Having found the items i thought suitable, i went to the changing cubicle, which consists of a three sided curtained off section against the sidewall in the main shop area, to try the clothes. The jeans were a little short and the shirt a bit tight. I decided to keep the clothes on while i searched for something different, leaving my own clothes and sports sandals in the cubicle. Being a warm day , i was not wearing socks or underpants. After 10-15 minutes, having found some more clothes that may have fitted me better, i returned to the cubicle , only to find my own clothes had gone, complete with my wallet and keys. Now standing here, barefoot, wearing electronically tagged clothes, so i can't just walk off in them, i wondered what to do.

After a few minutes deciding what to do, i approached one of the sales assistants, a gorgeous ,dark haired, young lady of about 27 years old, and explained what had happened. " well you can't keep those clothes without paying" she snapped , " go in the cubicle and take them off " I did as she said, and passed her the clothes back over the top of the front curtain, which is only neck height. " i'm absolutely stark naked " i say sheepishly, " what shall i do ? " " well you can't stop in there all day, the shop is too busy," she says with a wicked grin " you'll have to come out "

The other sales assistant suddenly appears, again she is stunning, a long haired blonde girl of about 25 years old, and enquires about what is going on. The 1st girl explains, to much amusement of the 2nd.

But fortunately, she says " Alison, we can't let him walk around here naked " she looks at me as she says " he can earn something to wear, i'll get him something tempory "

They both walk off laughing, leaving me naked and embarrased in the cubicle. They reappear five minutes later, both trying not to laugh. The dark haired girl, Alison, passes me a rolled up garment , and says " put that on " I unravelled it, to my amazement, it was a ladies pink leotard, which looked and smelled like it hadn't been washed. I objected, but really didn't have much choice, and it was better than nothing anyway.

Both girls sniggered as i walked from behind the curtain in my new attire. "doesn't he look lovely , Julie, it really suits him " Alison smirked sarcastically " we found it in a bag of donated clothes she points out. Several customers in the shop were smirking and pointing at me between themselves, to my shame. " right, to work " commands Julie, " you can start by tidying up and cleaning the ladies shoe section " she grabs me by the wrist, and pulls me in the right direction. " there you go" she says " carry on ." " what shall i clean them with ?" i asked, while trying to adjust the very tightly stretched leotard " what do you think Alison?" she asks her friend with that wicked look on her face. " well he can't use our polish" replied Alison, "there's only one thing for it , he'll have to lick them clean " I couldn't believe what i was hearing, here i am , wearing absolutely nothing but a dirty , ill fitting, ladies pink leotard, in a busy shop, under the control of two gorgeous ladies, now demanding that i lick clean several pairs of used, dirty and sweaty, ladies shoes, boots, sandals and even trainers. Desperately requiring proper clothes, i get on with my task.

About 3 hours later, feeling sticky with the taste of old shoes in my mouth, Alison calls me over to the counter where she and Julie serve. " now foot slave," she suddenly calls me " come arond to our side of the counter and sit on the floor by our stools. "

I did as she said and found myself sitting between hers and Julies feet. Julie speaks up to her friend " ooh, my feet are really sore and sweaty from wearing these old trainers, i didn't have time to shower before i came out this morning, my feet must really smell " Alison laughed " my feet are hot too, these leather ankle boots i found among the donation items last month were well worn before i started wearing them. " Julie giggles, " remove my trainers slave, you're going to lick the dirt and sweat from my barefeet " I felt totally humiliated, but powerless to do anything less than she demanded. I undid the the laces, and prized the grubby trainers from her sweaty feet. Her barefeet were quite slender, her toenails were a little chipped with toe cheese under them, her toes were a bit sticky and her soles were soft but really quite dirty, which she points out are because she was working barefoot around the shop and stock room yesterday, they do smell quite cheesy. " get them in your mouth " Alison demanded on Julies behalf , " and lick her dirty soles clean," I had no choice but to do as she said, so got to work on my task straight away.

To be continued..


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