Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Boss

New Boss

By Author Unknown

Without going into a long story , with a big buildup . Let me

cut to the chase .
My new boss is a thirty something , lady , with auburn hair , worn
usually in a very severe bun. She also wears glasses and almost allways
a very serious bussiness suit and black 2 inch heels . She is a
feminist's feminist. She lives to catch male workers doing anything
wrong .
That brings us to my story ; Bright and early last Monday morning , I
was summoned into the boss' office . On her desk were a copy of LEG
SHOW, and a copy of IN STEP.
Guess where she found them ? Yeah , my stash was found out . I , had
left the addressed envelope from one of the mags in the drawer with them
The next 15 minutes were spent in a stern lecture of the evils of
exploiting women as sex objects , etc. etc. etc.
Then I was allowed a brief rebuttal . I rambled and stammered , looking
for any answer she might buy, finally I got so flustered I told the
truth . " as far as I'm concerned, Women are not sex objects, MS. Bibbs
, to me they are more like religious icons, To be thought of and treated
with great respect ."
She as much as called me a liar , and said that I was only telling her a
story , so that I could keep my job.
We argued back and forth , ending up with her demanding that I proove my
claims to her .
"Worship me" , was her answer .
Without speaking , she put her feet on the desk and pointed to her shoes
. From my angle , I saw the soles of two, very well worn shoes , dirty ,
to say the least . A bit of gum, was crushed and stuck to her left shoe
bottom . Only god knew what was on the other one .
Clean these, and I might let you keep your job . Fail , and I'll know
that you are a liar and you will be terminated . DO IT NOW. I grabbed a
tissue from her desk and started in .
Use your mouth . She continued . Eat my filth .
I complied .
Bitter, gritty , foul , are but a few of the words that come to
mind,when I recall the events of that morning . She had an evil smile ,
plastered on her face , as she watched me devour her shoe dirt.
" Now wasn’t that yummy , you pathetic worm , now go and clean up , brush your
teeth , and be back here in fifteen minutes . By then , I'll have one
more test , ready for you ."
Again , I complied . Upon my return to her office , I was alone . Then I
heard the toilet flush in her bathroom, and she emerged , wearing a only
a bathrobe .
"It's time for my shower , attend me ! Kneel , and crawl to me ."
As I did this , she turned her back to me and dropped the robe ,
exposing her lovely behind .
"This will be your ultimate test . I think you know what to do , make my
nasty self sparkle ".
I complied .
Geeeezzze , did those shoes , ever taste good , from my new perspective
"Now , get your tounge all the way in ".
I obeyed her .


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