Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Party

The Party
By: Stephen Poole, AKA FootBoyJJ

I looked down at my watch, seven more minutes till the bell. There I was, my senior year, last class of the day, honors chemistry. I really didn't need this class to graduate, it was just one more credit, and would let me graduate with high honors. I was about ready to put my head down on my desk, when a note was handed to me. It had my name on it, so I unfolded it. It was an invitation to a party at Jessica's house tonight, on the back was written "Parents are gone for the weekend". This was perfect, I had just broken up with my long-time girlfriend and I had been trying to get Jessica away from her boyfriend, Jacob. Jacob was punk, he treated her like trash and saw her as his property. Every time I gave her a gift, like a Furby for Christmas and rose for Valentine's Day and "accidentally putting my arm around her at the pep rally, Jacob was up in my face, cussing me out, I usually didn't say anything back to him ,because I knew he wasn't going to graduate this year, just like he didn't last year.

The bell rang. I tossed my books in my bookbag and walked out to the parking lot to my car, a 1999 Pontiac Firebird, a pre-graduation gift from my parents. I quickly drove home and took a shower and shaved, I just had to have that baby soft skin. Got dressed and put on a little cologne, just a hint of it. I pulled up to Jessica's two story house around 8 o'clock, the driveway and street was clogged with cars, I could already hear the music going on in the house. I made my way through the front door and started looking for Jessica. I saw Jacob, since he was tall and stood out against the crowd, and then I saw Jessica. Every time I saw her, I was stunned by her natural beauty, long legs, breasts not too big, yet not too small, and long blonde hair. I quickly spotted a couple of my friends in the kitchen, standing by the keg. Brandon was the first to see me, " Hey, Stephen! Man, you need to make your move on Jessica tonight, we only got three weeks of school left." Then Jimmy said, "With all this beer flowing free, Stephen, you need to get her away from Jacob, slip her a beer, get her all liquored up, and get your freak on!" These two guys were my best friends, too bad most of us were going to different colleges. I grabbed a beer and started drinking, I couldn't drink too much, because I had to drive home.

About three hours later, the party was starting to die down and the keg was empty. Jacob was stumbling around drunk as hell. I called him a cab and sent him home. Now that Jacob was gone, Jessica was no where in sight! I had a few too many drinks also, but I was determined to sober up before the night was over, plus I didn't have enough money to pay for the taxi. Everyone had gone home except for about 5 or 6 girls. I sat down in the now empty living room, and noticed something on the floor. In my drunken state I squinted to make out what it was, some girl's sneakers and socks. Since middle school I had a major foot fetish. I scrambled to the floor and looked around the corner, no one was there, so I picked up the socks and began to sniff them. They were still damp with sweat and had a musky type odor to them. I didn't hear the girls come around the corner. "What are you doing?", Jessica asked me. I mumbled something incoherently. "That was the boy who kept staring at my feet the whole time." Said another girl. "Now Stephen, tell me truthfully, do you have a foot fetish?" Jessica inquired. "I don't know what your talking about.." I mumbled. I dropped the sock and stood up, only to embarrass myself even more, I had a raging erection and the girls noticed it and giggled. "I think your lying to me, Stephen." Jessica said staring at my pants. "Ok, it's true, I do have a foot fetish" I admitted, "but please don't tell any of my friends about it, it would ruin me." Jessica smirked, "And why shouldn't we tell them, what's in it for us?" I got on my knees and told her, "Please I'll do whatever you want." She smiled and whispered something to her friends and they giggled and nodded, "Ok, you will be our slave for the whole weekend since my parents won't be back until Sunday night. Until then you will do whatever we tell you to." At first I didn't know if I should be happy to be her slave or worried about what she had it store. Needless to say it was going to be a long night.

As the girls took their seats in on the couch and lazy-boys, I slowly recognized them: Jessica, of course, a red head named Jenny, Stephanie who had auburn colored hair, another blonde named Myra, and Alicia, with a black ponytail. Now I had known Alicia to be very abusive to the men she dated, she made Brandon's life a living hell for the two weeks he dated her, I was worried about her the most. "I think our slave should kiss our feet and thank us for allowing him to serve us." Said Myra. The others readily agreed, so I crawled over to Myra's feet and kissed her shoes and thanked her. I had kissed the other's feet when I came to Alicia's, I bowed down and pressed my lips into the leather of her boot and raised my head back up, only to receive a swift kick to the face by the very same boots. I was knocked backwards, while she laughed. Jenny walked over and looked at my pants and said, "Looks like your c--- wants to be free, huh? Then strip!". I slowly stood up, and I slid out of my jeans and took off my shirt, all the while the girls were giving catcalls and saying, "Take it all off!". I slowly pulled down my boxers to free my straining prick. There I stood, extremely uncomfortable in front of all these girls. Then I was told to get on my knees in front of Jessica. She had already taken off her sneakers and then she pressed her warm sock feet on my face. "Inhale that wonderful aroma, Stephen!" I could tell she had been on her feet all day long, because they had a very strong fetid odor to them, but I loved it! Then I felt my arms being pulled behind me, "We don't you to masturbate just yet.." said Stephanie and then she tied my arms up behind my back. "Take off my socks." Jessica said giggling. I thought for a couple seconds on how I was going to take them off. Then I felt a sharp blow on my back, "Take them off with your mouth, dumbass." I looked around to see Alicia towering over me with an evil smile. I clenched the toe end of her sock and started to peel it off, I could taste the sweat from her socks as I pulled. I had to switch from the toe end to the heel to pull her socks off, it took me more than five minutes to get both socks off, but it was worth it! Jessica then ordered me to lick her feet from heel to toe and between her toes. Her feet had somewhat of a salty film and left that taste in my mouth as I licked. I licked the dirt and sock lint from between her toes and swallowed it! Then I was sent over to smell and lick Jenny's feet. Her feet had a smell of cheese around her toes and she had a surprise for me between her toes, toejam! I was forced to lick all of her toejam up and thank her for it. Stephanie's feet weren't too bad, she kept them well cleaned, so they really didn't smell all that much, though her feet had some dirt on the soles, which I licked off. Myra made me kiss her feet all over and suck her toes for five minutes on each toe. The smell was kind of vinegary and made feel nauseous. I was about ready to pass out, when I reached Alicia's feet, she stepped on my head with her boots and ground them into my face for a while before getting off. My face was all scuffed up from her boots and she made me untie her shoes with my teeth. Then she used my face to pry them off. "Now tell me how much you enjoy this smell." She said as she pressed her sweaty bare feet on my face. They had a musky, leathery smell at the heels and a hint of cheese at the tip of her toes. I told her that I enjoyed the foot odor very much and wish I could stay there all night. I had to appease her in the hope that she might go easier on me later. Then I licked her feet clean and ate the toejam between her toes. Once I was finished with her feet, I laid down, exhausted and sick to the stomach. "Oh do you think we are even close to be finished with you, slave?" asked Alicia. She whispered something to her friends and grabbed my pants. "You don't mind if I take your car to go get some things do you slave?" she asked. "Not at all Mistress Alicia." I said with my head bowed. "Good boy." She said and patted my head and left.

She was gone for about twenty minutes, and in that time the girls rubbed their feet in my face. Alicia walked back in with a big box in her hands, "Jessica, Jenny go get the other boxes out there." A total of two huge boxes filled with something. The girls took one of the boxes upstairs and I was left alone for three minutes. In that time, I managed to sneak off into the kitchen where the other box was. In the box, were some ropes, different types of gags and paddles. This made me wonder what was in the other box, but whatever it was. I was in for one HELL of a weekend.

-=To Be Continued=-


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