Thursday, July 7, 2011

The French Class

The French Class

By Author Unknown

I used to go for French classes thrice a week and there were about twenty students in my class. there was this girl named shania in my class who had drop dead good looks and the most beautiful and delicious feet in the world(which i came to know later).i used to keep glaring at her feet during classes. how pretty they were! she always wore spiked sandals or anything which showed off her divine black painted sharp toe nails. many a time she caught me staring at her feet and used to give me a sly day our teacher announced that there was gonna be a test the next day.i thought this was my chance and asked shania whether she could come over to my place and help me out with my french.she agreed much to my surprise! fortunately no one was home. i asked her to sit down in my room. i just could'nt get my eyes off her feet.suddenly she exclaimed,"it is so hot! my feet are all dirty and sweaty!i need to wash them"once she said that i couldn't resist and asked her"would you like your feet to get a tongue wash?"she replied,"NO WAY!"i sat down dissapointed and embarrassed as she went into the bathroom to wash her she came out she asked me"are u thirsty?"to which i replied in the affirmative."then suck the water off my feet!"she din't have to tell me twice.i started sucking her big toe like a candy as she sat down on the chair ruffling my hair with one foot as i sucked the other.i sucked each toe for about 10 mins. then continued to lick her soles,insteps and toe nails.boy!were her toe nails sharp or what?they really hurt my tongue but who cared.

"from now on u are my personal foot slave and ur sole mission in life is to serve my feet and take care of them!"i just nodded my head as i continued licking her toes.she suddenly kicked me off and said,"i'm gonna get some food for myself.till that time go lick my heels clean and if even there's a speck of dirt left u'll be punished severely.i started licking the dirt of her heels as she got some sandwiches for herself kept in the refrigerator.when she came back she inspected her heels.i had purposely left a spot of dirt to see what her punishment would be like.when she saw it she said,"ur gonna pay for this heavily!"she gave a kick on my nuts and ordered me to lie down on the floor as she stood over me.then she removed her pants and started peeing on my face and into my mouth.first i spat it all out and she kicked me for it."DRINK IT U WORTHLESS SLAVE!"she said and continued to pee all over my face sum of which went into my mouth.after the punishment i resumed licking her feet and she started to munch over the sandwiches. she spat out a bit of it on her toes which i immedietely licked off.this was like heaven.i was previliged to eat food from between her toes.suddenly she said,"my toe nails need to be trimmed and polished.and u know how it's gotta be done.don't you?"i sure knew the way she wanted it to be done and started biting on her toe nails and trimming them.this was heaven.even she was enjoying it as she said,"this is where i like to see men....under my feet...because that's where they belong"i nodded as i kept chewing on her toe nails.later i painted them black and they were looking gorgeous.

once i finished i gave her foot a final kiss as she said,"that's like a good boy!now shall we get on to some french?"


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