Thursday, July 7, 2011

How I turned my brother into my Slave

How I turned my brother into my Slave

By Author Unknown

I was running around the school field just for exercise. I had to take my dumb little brother because my parents would not be home. I decided to run around barefoot because of the extreme heat. I chucked my shoes and started running. After the run, I realized my shoes were gone and a smile on my brothers face. I looked up and saw my shoes in a tree. I charged at my brother and pinned him. "Well well well, how am I going to get home now? Looks like you’ll just have to clean my feet when I get home, unless you want to climb that huge tree and get my shoes down" I had him walk on all 4's on the way home with everyone seeing him. No one was home so I got straight to work. I laid down on the sofa and told him to kneel. I told him i would go to sleep while he licked EVERY speck of dirt off my feet and if anything was left, he would be punished. I woke up and realized he forgot to do the other foot. I then grabbed him by the hair and rubbed my dirty foot all over his face and hair. I got by boots with a 5 inch heel and set him o the ground. I stood on his dick with my heels and lifted my other leg up so all my weight would be on it. I then got off and told him not to move, but he did right away, so i hog tied him so he wouldn’t be able to hold his balls after the pain. I stuck my heel in his mouth and told him to suck. I then filled up my shoe with water to the brim and told him to drink it all and after that, i made him rest his face in my gym shoes(which i never wear socks in) and I taped it there. He was like that and suddenly my parents came home. They started laughing like crazy. I told them the whole story and they asked me if i could share my slave. I said sure. Soon he was sucking up to all our feet.


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