Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shrunk To Smell

Shrunk To Smell
By Author Unknown
I was coming home from a party and was dropping off three girls. I was glad to take these girls home because they all were wearing tall socks and that turned me on. Somehow feet got brought up and the two girls in the back seat said they loved the smell of socks and feet but the girl in the frontseat said that she did not like smelly feet at all. then they asked me If I liked the smell of socks and I didn't want to answer because I was a guy and I didn't want to give a couple of girls my weakness. I hesitatingly said yes. they started to snicker and whisper. a minute later we arrived at the girl in the front seats house her name is Lisa. Lisa was about to get out but the two girls in the back seat demanded westay and eat somewhere. those girls are named rochel and laura. just as we were leaving to eat at dennys rochel and laura took their shoes off and a stuffy sweaty smell filled the car. then they said that they also loved it when people were forced to sniff their socks so they both put their sweaty socks in our faces. I am trying to drive I said loudly so they replied why don't you let us drive then I said you girls are drunk and can't drive in the first place. they both got angry with me and out of the blue I was only a foot tall!! I was scared the lisa put me in the back seat really fast and took over the wheel. I was terrified and so damn confused. I was going crazy because I was at the hands of three laughing girls. they said that they could shrink me to any height they wanted and I better be good or bad thing could happen to you BAD THINGS they said in a demanding voice. I was only a foot tall and the rochel picked me up with both hands and shrunk me down to 6 inches right there in her hands she told me to go inside of her empty shoe. I had no choice but to do so I was scared but extremely turned on. I went inside I was overwhelmed by the smell then she said she wanted to hear me sniffing. then lisa the girl in the front seat wanted to have a turn with me and she had those sandals with the two black belt buckles on them. she undid them and straped me on to her socks with her sandal on. her socks were very tall and thick they smelled very bad especially since she had me face down in her toes. she told me to sniff loudly! just then she began to laugh very loudly. she asked me if I had an erection I humiliated and scared said no but she reached down undid her sandal and pulled my pants down with a big commanding hand she said that it looked cute! that made me really embarrassed. they made me a foot tall and lisa told me to jump in between her thighsshe was wearing some short blue spandex shorts so I was trapped in her bare thighs. only my head was showing only inches from her muff. she peeled off on of her socks and began to play with me dropping them over my helpless head her thighs were very hot. I was very hard. I demanded that they take me home and they told me I am home I was to be their little toy for ever. but only if I kissed all the girls toes and jacked off in front of them right then and there I did so and was happy ever since. 1

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