Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tanya The Amazon Foot Queen

Tanya The Amazon Foot Queen
a story by Pat
About a year ago I met a woman at the health club I work out at. We hit it off pretty well, especially after I admitted to her I was attracted to her because of her size. Tanya was taller and somewhat stronger than myself. She was a fanatic about keeping in shape as I was not.
Tanya one day asked what else made me weak about her. It took a while but I admitted I had a foot fetish. Her feet were fairly long and large which attracted me more for some reason. She said if I wanted to worship her feet I would have to let her be in charge in our relationship, no questions asked. She also admitted to being bi-sexual, and I would have to accept that too. I always agreed so I could be next to her beautiful feet.
It got to the point that I was staying a lot at her place, especially the weekends. One weekend Tanya had to work and I didn’t. I was giggling when she got out of bed. Tanya stopped and demanded that I get out of bed and kneel at her feet. This aroused me a lot, so I quickly did so. She grasped my hair firmly and said the house was to be spotless when she got back home or else. Then Tanya said, Sandy who was her old girlfriend had been coaching her on how to use my fetish to control me. Tanya gave me a firm look and said, so far it seemed to be working, but if the house wasn’t done when she got back, my fetish would become my punishment. With that she left, and I quickly started to clean, but I needed to work on my vehicle.
Later that morning I drove to my place to work on my pickup. I had a few beers while working and forgot about time. Suddenly the phone rang and Tanya’s voice was demanding I return. I rushed back to find her on her favorite stuffed rocking chair, her feet upon a large pillow painting her toes. She snapped her fingers and ordered me to finish her toes. While I did so Tanya reprimanded and scolded me for not cleaning. Tanya then ordered me to stand and remove my clothes. I became aroused once again and took of my clothes. She looked at my erection and said that would soon disappear with good reason.
Tanya started to attach a cock and ball harness with a long leather leash. I was then told to get into the kitchen and wash dishes as she gave the leash a hard tug. The pain rippled through my balls as I hobbled to the dishes. After a bit I felt Tanya grasp the leash and raise it high. She looked down at me and she said, if I knew what was good for me, I would obey and do as I was told for the rest of the afternoon. She led me back to her stuffed rocker where two large pillows were sitting in front of the chair. Next to them was a bottle of lotion and a wet bar of soap in a dish of water. Tanya ordered me to sit at her feet and I did so. She then produced two very long strappy leather gladiator type sandals and began attaching them to her feet starting at her long large big toes.
Her big toes were the fist things I noticed about her feet, especially when in my mouth. When the sandals were on, they laced up to her knee and had a clasp near the front of her ankle. This had me puzzled and what she did next worried me. She started to rub the bar of soap on her big toe leaving thick soapy goo on her toe. Tanya held her foot up to my mouth and said, give my toe a blow job, now! I returned with the words, not with soap I won’t. With that her other foot forced itself deep into my stomach and my mouth flew open. Forcefully her soapy foot slid deep into my mouth. I could feel her long big toe work it’s way down the back of my throat. I gagged over and over as she sat there smiling. After a while all I could do is swallow when she said swallow.
Tanya smiled again when she said repeatedly, from now on my big toes are my cocks and now you will know what a woman goes through, or you will shortly. Soon my stomach started to growl and get upset from the soap as I continued to swallow. Tanya looked down and said, ahh... is your stomach acting up! I could only nod and moan as I held my stomach. Suddenly her foot pulled out and made its way to my stomach while her big toe and foot started to rub and push into it. I fell against her flexing foot and hugged her leg moaning, please no more! All the while I noticed that she was rubbing a mixture of soap and lotion on her other big toe. I cried out please not again I had learned my lesson and would obey. She continued to flex her toe on the soap and said, I was a long way from learning, my punishment hadn’t even started.
She placed her now soapy foot on the pillow in front of my crotch and grasped my ball leash. Her strong fingers laced my leash through the clasp on her sandal and she ordered me to sit upon her foot while she drew my balls toward her sandaled foot by pulling the leash. Her big deep red toenail was flexing as I asked several times, why did I have to sit that way. She continued to tie the leash to the straps of her sandal .
Tanya now had a wicked smile as she said, if it were a man doing a woman he would say she was going to get a good long fucking! But since its a woman doing a man, I’ll say your going to get a good long toeing, or a big toe enema! Her large flexing toe continued to get closer and closer to my asshole. By now I realized I couldn’t pull away as her enormous toe started to lubricate my rectum. My insides were starting to cramp and twitch as I grabbed my stomach once again. Her other foot once again found my stomach and forcefully started to rub it. She then looked down at me and said lean forward and hug my leg. I cried out, no, and tried to get loose once again. Scornfully Tanya said, have it your way but sooner or later you will give in and hug my leg. Suddenly her toe started to crawl inside me as she arched her foot up. I gasped as it worked its way farther in with each flex. It felt awful as she continued without stopping. Soon I was impaled on her big toe, as her foot started to rock with the motion of her chair. I became very weak and trembled while moaning loudly as the cramps intensified. Tanya seemed to know that every flex of her big toe intensified the cramps. Tanya picked up a magazine and once again ordered me to hug her leg. This time I leaned forward and hugged her leg as this foot pushed into my stomach. As I rocked with the motion of her foot I told her I was sorry for not cleaning the house. Good boy she replied, now I want to continue to hear you apologize while I read. While she was reading as if nothing unusual were happing, her foot continued the rocking motion while her long big toe flexed deep inside my asshole. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but hugged tightly and moved with the rocking motion telling Tanya I was sorry in-between moans.
After a long while she said I was a good boy and soon she would let me off. When I asked when I could get off, Tanya stopped and gave me a disgusted look. She tossed her magazine down and untied me. Grabbing me by the hair she said you haven’t received a full enough enema from my toe but you may get up. As I groveled, Tanya said, only long enough to lay down over the pillows. Quickly she pushed me down with my ass in the air and strapped me to her other sandal and pulled tight as her other big toe found its mark. Tanya once again picked the magazine and rocked her foot in and out of my ass while reading. She had a way of flexing her toe while demanding an apology that would cause sudden cramps. Once again I could only gasp and moan telling her I was sorry.
Without warning a knock was upon the door as Sandy walked in. I was totally embarrassed as she stood in front of me.. Sandy then asked Tanya if this was working for her. Tanya nodded and said I still think he needs more, can you help. Sandy gigged, and walked into the bathroom carrying a small bag. When she came out she had a rectal syringe and a pair of sandals like Tanya’s. She looked down at me and said when I’m done with you, you will obey. The rest is only a repeat of the earlier but worse. I did my best to please them afterward, but from that day forward they would find reason to make me sit upon or lay in front of their feet. From then on just the sight of a woman wearing sandals was enough to make me timid and tremble.


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