Thursday, July 7, 2011


by R. Bryan Willis
He was thinking about his situation when she called. He did not even hear the phone until the answering machine picked up.
"Hello Dave . . . I know you're there . . . pick up the phone!" It was Michele. He hadn't heard from her since the move, over 2 years now. Michele had been a freshman during his senior year in college, and she had always had a crush on him. He had done nothing but use her that year. He blew her off constantly and often at times he degraded her publicly.
Once he got her drunk at a party and convinced her to go give him a "private dance". They went into the back room and he got her to dance around and to pull down her panties. While she was doing it, some guys opened the door and she ended up doing her dance in front of everyone! He sat there facing the doorway trying to keep from laughing, while she danced around in nothing but a skirt, her petite body gyrating to the delight of all the onlookers--she had been humiliated when she turned around and saw all those people gawking, but he did not care. He knew she would do anything for him, and he abused it. Now, he was alone, and he remember how he had mistreated her.
"Michele ? . . . What's going on? I haven't heard from you in years !" He answered.
"Well, I haven't seen you in years and I was in town. I wanted to drop by . . . is that okay?"
He thought about it, he remembered what an ass he had been to her, and how lonely and sorry he felt now, "sure, I could use the company!"
He gave her directions, and she showed up an hour later. She was better looking than he remembered. He was 5'4" with dark brown skin. The past two years had added some much needed mass to her body, she was no longer the scrawny little freshman he remembered. She had a very athletic build with a nice chest. The jeans she wore accentuated her body's curves, and even the T-shirt she wore added a certain laid-back quality to her she had lacked in the past.
"Come in . . . would you like a drink?" he asked
"Sure . . . how about a beer . . .in a bottle," she said as she sat on the couch
He got the beers and they sat a talked for the next two hours. She was still in school and was really getting in control of her life. By midnight, they had finished 10 beers.
"Last ones" he said as he handed her the last of two. As he sat down he noticed that she was wearing canvas tennis shoes without socks, and he began to stare.
"Do you like my shoes?" she asked, drinking her beer "because you are staring at them."
He did not want to let on that he did, so he quickly tried to change the subject "you know, I'm really sorry about the way I treated you I college." He had hoped to avoid this conversation, but he needed to get his mind off her feet and his growing bulge.
"Are you really ?" she said watching him stare at her feet, "why don't you make it up to me?"
He was still mesmerized by her feet, and could only say, "how?"
With that, she took both beer bottles, and walked into his bedroom. He was perplexed, but he followed.
She sat on his bed a began to give him orders, "I want a 'private dance' but I want you to do it naked for me . . . take off your clothes." He was perplexed, but he felt captivated by this woman's feet. He quickly removed all his clothing and stood before her--nude.
"What music should I dance to," he asked.
Michele said nothing. She lifted his genitals and examined underneath them. After she released them, then ordered him to turn around. She spread his cheeks apart and, without warning, stuck her finger up his ass. "You will call me Mistress, my bitch!! Now say it!!!!!" with that, she rammed her finger all the way up his hole, he screamed.
"Yes Mistress!!!!" he cried
"Now, bitch, you will dance to my voice, I will tell you what to do, and you will follow my command, do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress" he begged
She ordered him down to his knees. "Now, pay homage to my feet, bitch!" he never realized how much he wanted feet, but he could feel the blood rising in his cock, so he dropped to his knees and began to lick the canvas of her shoes.
"You are a dirty bitch . . .my feet have been in these shoes all day, take my shoes off and clean them with your tongue" He took off her shoes and saw the two gorgeous brown peds. The toenails were unpainted and there was sweat in between each of her succulent toes. He began to bathe them in his mouth.
He sucked each toe, and then licked her soles clean. She just laid back and moaned, "that's it my bitch, now you are MY little whore, my little foot whore!"
There was a smell in the air, the sweet aroma of sweat, mixed with salt and staleness, permeating Michele's feet. Dave loved it. She stood up to remove her pants and reveled a shaven crotch. As she sat back down she asked "do you want to please me ? Do you want to please your Mistress, my foot worshipping bitch?"
By this time he knew he was hers. She was going to be his Mistress and he her bitch, and he loved it. He had never realized how much feet meant to him, but as she sat over him, dangling her feet in his mouth, he knew pure heaven. "Yes, my lovely Mistress!" he moaned "I live to please you and your feet!"
"Well then my bitch, you may beg me to let you eat my pussy!"
"Oh, please Mistress Michele, please let me eat you. I long to satisfy you, and I a very worthy footstool! Please let me show you pleasure and satisfy your desires, let my tongue show you my worth." He was now near tears from the pain in his groin, and she could tell he was about to explode.
"You may eat me, but you may not touch yourself. That is now my cock, and only I may touch it!" She knew he would agree, and she wanted him to suffer.
"Of course Mistress, that is your cock!!" With that, he began to eat her warm, clean shaven pussy. As he ate, she sat up on the bed and removed her belt from her jeans. She began to moan and slap him on the ass with the belt with one hand and force his face deeper into her pussy with the other.
"Eat it BITCH!! EAT IT YOU BITCH!!" She commanded, slapping the belt every time she yelled. He just buried his face deeper. The juices began to flow like a river, and Dave continued to suck up every delicious drop.
"Go . . . Suck . . .You . . .Little . . .BITCH!" Michele finally began to cum, several times, rapidly. Dave could tell this, but he did not dare stop. "You like this don't you bitch . . . pleasing your Mistress?" Dave continued to eat, "well then, lie down on your back."
Dave laid down on his back, and Michele sat down on his face. "Eat it some more bitch!!" she ordered. He began to lick her pussy again. He could feel his crotch begin to burn and ache. It was so stiff and purple. He was so close to cumming, yet she would not touch it, nor would she allow him to. He was thinking about his cock , so intently, that he did not even notice the warm liquid filling his mouth. It was only when his Mistress stood over him that he realized he was being pissed on! He felt the warm liquid falling all over his face, as Michele stood on his chest and began to walk all over him, while peeing.
She stood on his face, then walked down his chest, still leaking the wonderful golden shower. He could feel her feet pounding into the soft parts of his body, as the warm liquid came to an end. She then stepped on his legs and glanced at his quivering cock. She gave him a smirk and a soft laugh, and began to pee on his throbbing dick, while spreading his legs with her fabulous feet. It was too much for him to take, and without any more stimulation than the piss falling down, his cock began to erupt, shooting all over his chest.
Michele then walked on his chest again, mixing the piss and sperm with her feet, and kneading his chest with her toes. "My, you are a dirty little bitch aren't you?" she said "see how filthy you have gotten my feet, I want you to clean them with your tongue!" With that, she sat down on the bed, and stuck the sole of her foot inside his mouth. The taste of her delicious ped instantly made his cock swell. He licked between her brown, smelly toes and sucked on her heel. She buried half her foot in his mouth and began to laugh at him.
"After you have cleaned my feet, you need to wash the rest of my body. You will run me a bath, but first you need to take a shower."
He went into the bathroom and got into the shower. Michele followed him in and insisted that she watch to make sure he cleaned himself. After he got out, he filled the tub with water. She did not allow him to get dressed after his shower, instead he got on all fours and she sat on his naked body while she waited for her bath. He knew she was in control, and he wanted to serve her. When she got into the bath, she made him clean her body. He felt her hard, firm nipples beneath the rag. This was the first time he had been allowed to touch her body, and he noticed how firm and shapely she was.
"You like being my bitch." Michele noted. Dave said nothing. "Why don't you show your Mistress how much you worship her. Kiss my toes!" With that, she placed her foot on the side of the tub. He could see the water glistening off each of her brown, soft, toes. He kissed each one, gently and passionately.
"Thank you Mistress, I live to please you," he said after kissing both feet.
"Good, because we are not finished!!" With that, she got out of the bath, dried off, and walked into the other room. He followed her small, firm tanned body back into his bed room. When he got there, she was standing naked, with a dildo strapped to her.
"Get down on your knees bitch! I want to give you the fucking you deserve!!"
He hesitated, not knowing what to do, but then he felt the growth between his legs, and he saw those lovely tan feet, and he willingly got down and kissed her foot. "Take your bitch, Mistress, I deserve a good fucking."
She got behind him and inserted the dildo. He yelled in pain at first, but her small body was strong, and he quickly began to get used to being violated by her, and he began to feel the build up in his cock.
"You like this bitch . . . ? Tell your Mistress you like this . . . ! Beg her for more . . .!" She was rapidly thrusting the dildo in and out now, and her own breathing became heavy. He could feel her bucking and clawing at his back, and he felt himself being carried away with the experience
"Please Mistress . . . FUCK me . . .Fuck your little bitch . . . . Please fuck me harder!" he was shouting now
"Take it . . .Oh God Take it!!!" She was slowing down now, cumming beyond control.
After she finished, she collapsed on top of him. After a few moments, she got up into bed and looked back at his swollen cock. "You are not finished yet ? Well then you may suck on my foot some more and rub the other on your cock."
He needed no other invitation, he stuck one foot in his mouth, and the other on his cock. Michele just laid there and smiled with her eyes closed. He exploded in minutes. He then licked the cum off her foot and asked if there was anything else he could do for his Mistress.
"No, you have done enough for tonight, but get some sleep, I'll be here all week. Its fall break, and you and I have not settled our score yet." Michele smiled gently
So did Dave.

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