Thursday, July 7, 2011

Early Foot Smelling

Early Foot Smelling
By Author Unknown
This is a true story I had in high school. More precisely grade 8, here
I had this crush on a blue eye blond girl called Sandra, the typical babe.
we just came from this field trip and were all really tired. I had to sit in

the front because i got caught throwing spit balls. Anyways, so i was
seating next to her and her friends, Michelle, Stephanie and Julia. sandra
was really tired and so she took of her shoes . The smell was overwhelming.
I was listening to my walkman looking at her feet. She told her friend
michelle she was really tired and placed her feet on michelle's knees. They
were right in front of me. I couldn't help but stare and trying to smell as
much as i could without being noticed. It didn't work because when I looked
at her she had a smirk on her face.The way back was really long so we
decided to play a card game; asshole. We played and i lost, Sandra being
president. I had to give her my two best cards but she told me instead that
i had to lick her socks. I immediatly said no ( i was so scared of having my

fetish found out)She just laughed and we played on .
A few weeks after i was invited to this party and so was Sandra. My dick was

itching from all the masterbating the last couple of weeks. We all got
really drunk and me and my friends decided to wrestle. We were trying to be
real macho. Then Stephanie said that she bet i couldn' t beat Joe. I knew i
could so i agreed. I said that if I won they had to pay me a pack of smokes.

They agreed and huddled up trying to decide what to make me do. They finally

agreed that i would have to be their slave. Upon hearing this, i knew that
my next move would be to lose but in way that i could still look strong. So
we fought for about 3min and i finally found my chance. Dan, my friend had
his foot extended and trying to make it look an accident, i tripped over it.

joe took his chance and pinned me. I lost. Sandra was standing above me and
put her shoe on my face. she ordered me to lick. I was in heaven, i liked
for about a minute while everyone was laughing. she then told me ot remove
her shoes, which i did systematically. She then said: remember that card
game, you still haven't licked my socks. Trying to look disgusted I began
licking. Meanwhile, some other girls were walking on me and jumping to the
punk music.Michelle sat next to Sandra and rubbed her socks on my face. The
dirt was leaving traces on my face. 5 min past and then with my face, Sandra

took her socks off. She had gorgeous feet, size 8, with long toes. She put
her big toe in my mouth nad ordered me to massage her other foot.I did as i
was told occasionally looking at her. She seemed to be enjoing humiliating
me. julia joined Michelle and they both began rubbing their bare feet on my
face. All three feet had this very strong odour. Sandra then told me to
licmk her soles, pushing my face with it. And that how i spent 3 hours.
They, meanwhile, were watching tv. They got bored and decided to play dare
using me as the main subject. MThe beer bottle turned toward Stephanie who
decided to make me eat a worm, that they crushed with their high heels afew
hours before. THat truly sisgusted me. Many more tasks folllowed. The sat on

my face ,farting on it, spitting on it, using me as a rug, making me lick
their armpits. ANd mostly, their feet. I was really tired. So they, being so

nice, decided to let me sleep. Under their feet of course. ALl i can say is
that in the morning they still hade their sweaty feet on me and the sweat
was buring my face
I' ll probably right a part two in a couple a days.


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