Thursday, July 7, 2011

Various Foot Smelling Experiences (unmodified)

Various Foot Smelling Experiences (unmodified)

by anonymous

I first smelled a girl's feet when . My sister and her friend, Cathy (my sister's name is Meghan) started playing Bolackjack for pennies When I ran out of pennies, and I was sure I had a winning hand (2 jacks) I agreed to do anything they asked if they won, to keep in the games. My sister, Meghan, then laid down an ace and a king, and Cathy put down an ace and a jack, what were the chances? I said , OK i agreed now what, do your homework?, get you some thing to eat?No they said, yu will kiss our feet, the feet of your superiors. I said wwhat? they said come on boy, You lost and u shall payto your superiors. I aid ok, Im no welcher, having been somewhat attracted to her feet, although I could'nt tel her sice I was little and she used to nudge me with r feet and put them in my face when no one waslooking. She told me their feet were cold andI was to be their foot warmer. she said since I ran out of pennies, and had nothing else to ghamble that I was to warm their feet with my tunny and face until Cathy's mom picked her up. With that, I got down below the tabole and they both put their scked feetin my face and then Cathy put her feet on my moputh and said, take off my socks with your mouth, slaveboy. I did as I was told and soon her feet were bare and in my face, They smelled of sweat and sneakers, and my sister looked down at me and smirked. She said to Cathy, I think I have a persional foot warmer on these cold nights, cause I think He likesit., Cathy sure seemed to enjoy herslef sticking her 2nd and 3rd toes up my nose and lauging. My sister said, Cathy, squish his nose between your toes and make him lick all the toejam out, and OH my god I think I have found the perfect at-hope foot warmer and licker. Cathy smiled and said ooops I think my mom is here as she heard a horn beep in the driveway. and threw her shoes on and left. Our parents weren't gonna be home fot a few hours and Meghan my sister knew it, she said to me that my service wasn't finshed. And that from now on, I must bow down and kiss her toes everytime I saw her and we were alone. She told me That from now on I was to sleep at her bed and warm her cold feet with my stomach, as our [arents worked all night. That night, I snuggled at her feet as she fell asleep and her feet and toes nudged their way all over me, and they smelled like sweaty shoes. The next day after we got home they had some friends over and had them all use me as their foot rest. They called me into the family room and had me lay dowen at thair friend's feet and sniff and kiss each of thei toes. When it got dark they said OK, now well tuen out the lights and well see if you can guess whose feet are whose by smell only. I was told to lay down and smell eacchof the 5 girl's feet one by one while they said their names, then name each name as they put their feet in my face later. As the feet were touching me I felt like there were more than 5 girl's feet touching me, Ithought i felt hair onone the feet, and sure enough when.

I was like 6 yoa and Kathy was about 12yoa, she used tocomeover and play with me, and one day she decided o tickle my tummy with her toes. cause as I remember it she said her fingernails were too ong and she was afraid she'd sctatch me, so she took off her shoes and socks and started tikling me with her toes, when her friend Cindy happened up (we were behinf my garage on the swing set) and said what'u doing Kathy>? Kathy said he like's it, try it, and instead of ticking me cindy put her stinky feet on my face as Kathy was tickling me and rubbed them allaround. Cindy never wore shoes and I remember her feet being really firty and being scared I'd get into trouble if anyone saw. But I never did get ito ttrouble and for the next 2 years they both stood on me and rested their feet (both bare) while they talked about whatever

WI was once at the mall with my girlfriend, Julie, when she said that she wanted to go inside this one shoe store. As she was trying on shoes, she glanced over at this one dude, who was trying on penny loafers in bare feet. She noticed me looking at his feet and said that that guy was really cute, and would I mind if she asked him his opinion on her shoe selection?. I said No that it was ok as she knew of my foot fetish and that I liked bare feet of all kinds as long as they smelled. Well, before I knew it they were laughing and giggling and I thought I heard her say sometinh about me liking feet. She then came back to me and sai" he's really cool, and if it's ok, I invited him over for dinner. I went over and met him and he seemed cool, so I said OK. When we got to our house, she was sitting with him on the couch, and they were constantly laughing. She said, how bout bringing the food out here as I was bbq'ing, and I did. I thought i heard her say something about mr liking feet as they were talking. She then took me aside and asked me if I would lioke to fulfill the fantasy I said to her a while ago, bout having her and another guy dominate and humiliate me. I said OK, but as long as you don't hurt me. She agreed and the next thingI knew I was serving them their food, and as I sat down next to Julie, my wife, She said, UUH)_HUUIH, You will lay atour feet foot slave. this created laughter from Tom, her guest. and I obediantly layed down at their feet, and she rested hers on my face and he rested his bare feet on top of her feet. I HAD TWO SETS OF FEET OF MALE AND FEMALE ON MY FACE. she looked down at me and told him that i liked feet, and that i liked being dominated. with that Tom stood up and stuck his sweaty bare foot on my face with his big toe and second toe around my nose and laughed. Julie looked down ayt me and laughed too, rubbing her red painted toenails on my face while her new-found-boyfriend also smothered me with his feet. When they were done eating, they took turns squeezing my nose with their feet, I felt toetally humiliated, with my wife and her new lover squeezing my nose with theirbare stinky feet. They then tolf me that I was their foot slave and that Tom was gonna move in. >From then on I spent many night a their feet while they kissed and did whatever while I smelled their feet. and I was made to be the entertainment when they had parties. They even tied me up in the bathtub adn told their guests at parties to feel free to use me as their toilet. Afterwards I was to lay at the foot of our (their) bed and warm their feet as they did whatever and was made to serve them hand and (especially foot) and their friends. I was soon tattood with a werlcome mat on my chest, and every time they had guests over they were to wipe their feet on me as if I was a doormat. I loved every minute of it. Guests would wipe their shoes and bare feeton me and laugh and I would lay on the floor and clean everyone;s feet and shine toenails with my tongue.

WHEN I WAS once watching my sister paint her toenails, she asked me which color looked best. I told her the green looked different and cool. she said ok, I'll paint them green. Later while watching tv she said to me that her feet were cold. I inched over to her nonchalantly hoping she's put her feet ion me, and she did just that. She put her feet on my face and said. "haha jeff, how do my feet smell? I just laid there and sniffed for all I was worth., She looked down at me in between hewr toes and lughed and said, IO sure could use foot warmer like u at my slumber parties, to which I smiled up at her and kept sniffing. The next weekend she did have a slumber party and announced that her brother would be willing to smell and warm feet for a quarter./ Eah girl then threw in a quarter and my sister came to myroom and asked me to come downstairs. I liked half the girls there so I readily agreed to come down and sy "hi"/ When I got there, they said, were gonna have a raffle, wanna try? I agreed. and when I won I thought I was gonna win sometihinmg good, but instead I won a "do what the person to ytour left says" ticket. the person to my left was Stacy, she said" you will kiss and lick my toes and everyone elser's. you will be our slave for tonight. + Lay down on the floor and suck my feet clean. I started to protest, and my sister said, "he likes feet, I make him be my footrest everyday after school. "he touches up my toenal polish" and when the house is empty I have him lay down at my ffeet while I watch tv and Iuse his face as a footrest/warmer, I think he likes it. With that, the girls all giggled and I touched up all their toenails with bright red polish, and blow their nails dry with my breath. They all then put their bare feet in my face and said wither lick or smell and I did. ever since then, when my sister has a group over I am a footrug and I kiss smell, and lick feet. and when she's not having a party, I ccok what she wants to eat, and then after i serve it to her I la at her feet while she eats and kiss her feet and suck all the day'ls dirt off them, and she loves me for it.

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