Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Time

First Time
by R. Bryon Willis
I have always loved feet. Ever since I was a kid and watched other girls barefoot on TV I knew I loved feet. I remember when my parents got our first VCR, we would rent movies, and any time there was a barefoot scene, I would remember the counter number and return at night after they had gone to bed and watch the scene over and over.
I finally got to enjoy feet when I was in high school. Her name was Maura, and she was a total bitch, but she knew what she wanted, and she knew what I wanted. She was about 5 foot 10 and kind of big, not fat, just not skinny. I was only 6 feet tall, so we made an interesting looking couple. She had short brown hair, and pale skin, she rarely wore makeup, and never needed it.
We had been going out for a few months, it was near Christmas time, and although we had messed around, we had never slept together. She had suggested that we rent a motel room, for what I thought would be our first time. ( I has lost my virginity a year earlier to someone else)
I remember the night well. I picked her up and she was wearing a wrap around skirt and knee high black boots. At dinner, when she crossed her legs, just enough of her legs showed to begin to drive me crazy. By the time we left, I was about to cum in my pants and she knew it.
We went to the motel, and she made me go alone to check in. It was very embarrassing, a 17 year old trying to act cool as he checks into a cheap hotel. But I was ready, and knew (or at least thought I knew) what I would get later, so I paid and got the key.
When we got to the room, she sat on the bed and told me to take off all my clothes while she watched. I was a little apprehensive at first, but I did it. She sat on the bed and watched me. After I finished, she pulled off her panties and handed them to me. "Put these on !" she ordered, " I want to see you in them."
I put on the panties. My cock began to poke out of the top, and the back side went up my ass, but I wanted her and would do as she said.
She looked at me for a while and then said, "I know what you really want, Jeff. I know that it is not sex that you need from me." I began to quiver slightly, what was she talking about? "You want these." she smirked as she crossed her legs.
I was dumbfounded--how did she know?--I just stared at her. "You want to worship my feet don't you?" She was grinning now.
"I . . . I . . . don't know what to say . . ." I was caught off guard by her discovery
"Why do you have to say anything ? Why don't you just worship them ?" she replied.
I could think of nothing more to say, I dropped to my knees and began to lick all over her boots. "That's it, lick them all over, you are now my footstool, slave!" She was laughing at me now, but I did not care, all I wanted was to see her feet.
"Take them off, slave" she ordered. I needed no more prodding, I pulled off the boots to reveal to gorgeous snow white feet.
They were white, and dirty. You could smell the leather mixed with sweat. The delicious foot odor engulfed the room. I took it deep in my lungs, and my mouth began to water as I looked at them. "Clean them slave . . . clean them with your tongue !" she ordered.
Before she could get the words out, I was all over her feet. I licked to soles and then began to suck on each toe separately. I wanted to take my time, so I could enjoy the smell completely. As I sucked on one foot, she pushed the other against my chest. After a while, she pushed me down on my back.
She began to walk all over my body, stopping every few moments to push one foot into my face. She began to take her clothes off while smothering me. I hurt, but I was in heaven. Maura was very forceful and commanding, and I knew what she wanted from me . . .complete submissiveness.
After a while, she sat back down on the bed. I continued to suck her toes, but now, she was sticking all five into my month at once! I could feel her sweet toes flexing in my mouth while she laid back and began to finger herself. She placed her other foot on my now throbbing cock and began to rub it with her toes. She was moaning now, and I could tell she was enjoying my humiliation as much as I was.
"Suck slave, suck my foot clean . . ." she was really worked up. Her body began to jerk just as I began to cum all over her foot.
After she had recovered, see looked down at me. I still had one foot in my mouth, and the other on my cock. I had shot all over her foot and the panties I was still wearing. "My, don't you look ridiculous," she laughed. She was really trying to humiliate me.
She removed her foot from my mouth and lay back on the bed. "Look at you, you have ruined my panties, you'll have to wear those home for me as your punishment." I blushed, because I wanted to anyway.
"So, do you still want to fuck tonight?" Maura asked, knowing the answer.
"Yes, of course I do," I replied.
"Well then, show your Mistress how much you worship her pussy . . .with your tongue!"
I had never been a fan of oral sex, but she was in charge, and I could only be satisfied by complete submission. I knelt down and began to lick her all over. It smelled at first, but the more she ordered me to eat, the more I wanted to please my Mistress.
I could feel her body start to shake, as she grabbed my head and pushed it into her deep bush. She was cumming like crazy and her moans of pleasure caused my cock to begin to swell again.
"Eat me . . .oh yes, eat your Mistress!!!" she moaned.
I could feel the drippings as she came all over my face and I slowed my fast paced tongue.
We lay there for a few minutes, my face still buried inside her cunt. Finally, she sat up and said, "we still haven't fucked yet, and look how hard you are! I guess I will have to do something about that."
She go up and put her long black boots back on. From her bag she produced a set of hand cuffs which she used to handcuff me to the bed, I was on my knees beside the bed handcuffed to the post, when I felt the collar and leash go around my neck. One thing I always liked about Maura was that she was always prepared.
She pulled back on the leash and told me that if there was going to be any fucking, then she would be the one doing it. With that, she shoved a small vibrating dildo up my ass. I bucked, but she just pulled the leash tight, and remained in control. "Easy does it, slave, don't make me stick it up all the way." She then placed one of her boots on the bed beside me saying, "kiss my boot slave, while I fuck you like the bitch you are."
I began to lick and kiss that wonderful black leather boot, while Maura turned on the vibrator that was in my ass. The dildo hurt, but the sensation of totally succumbing to a woman, and the taste of her boot, more than made up for the discomfort.
I was so turned on by then I was ready to explode. Maura must have realized this, because she took the dildo out, and then removed the boot I was licking. She came around in front of me and placed her bare foot back inside my mouth., and the other still booted foot between my legs. "Fuck my boot slave boy," she ordered. I immediately mounted the black leather, and bucked like crazy. I had never fucked shoe before, but the feel of the leather on my cock, and the taste of her foot in my mouth was too much for me. I exploded again and again. I must have come and then kept fucking at least twice, although I don't really remember now.
That night, Maura slept in the bed while I lay across the foot of the bed, with her toes near my face. Many other times, my Mistress Maura allowed me to worship her feet, but the first was still the best. We broke up after graduation, and today, every time I see a pale white foot, I think of her.

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