Friday, July 8, 2011


By Author Unknown

It was early in the morning. I entered my office and sat down at my desk. I had this job for 3 years now and I thought it would be time to ask for a raise. How do I have to ask something like that? It was my first job and I never asked for a raise before. Helena, my boss, is a very attractive woman. She is blond; she has got marvelous green eyes and long legs. She is coming to work at 9:00 a.m. So I had about an hour to think about how I was going to ask for more money. Then the door opened. It was her. She was more beautiful then ever. She wore a black dress with silk stockings and high heels. This was my chance; I knew I had to talk to her before the others arrived. I stood up and knocked on her door. She told me to come in. Helena was sitting on her desk chair and was finishing some paperwork. "Roger, what a pleasant surprise, sit down." she said.
"Hi Helena, how are you today."
"Could be better. Well, do you have something to tell me?"
"Well, hmm, yes"
"Shoot" she said. She looked at me as she knew what I was going to ask.
"Helena, you know. Times are getting difficult, prices are raising and I was wondering if it could be possible to... Well, I don't know, just maybe have, a little"
"Are you asking for a raise?" she asked.
"Well, ... yes" "You have got a lot of nerve to ask me something like that after what you've done. Don't you think I noticed your little trick with the computer? You have stolen more than $100.000 from us and you are asking for a raise. I'm sorry Roger, but I'll have to get you arrested for fraud. I thought you were going to confess it to me, but I did not expect you to be that greedy."
She takes the phone and starts dialing. "Please Helena, I didn't know... I mean , .... Please don't call the cops" She looked at me and smiled.
"Why shouldn't I?" she asked.
"I'll do everything you want. I'll give the money back and pay you whatever you want." She looked at me and laughed.
"Okay" she said. She hung up the phone and watched me with a mysterious look. "I'm not interested in money." she said.
"Okay then, what do you want?" I asked.
"I want you to become my foot slave!" I looked at her and did not say a word. She noticed I was uneasy and enjoyed it. "Yes Roger, you heard me well. My foot slave. I want you to serve me and adore me day and night. Like a little doggy." I was petrified. I did not know what to do. She added "I you refuse, I'll call the police. I promise I will.". "So Roger, what is your answer?"
"Do I have a choice?" I responded.
"Of course not, but this is the way I like." She laughed and crossed her legs. "Come over here, Roger" I went to her side of the desk. "Prove me your devotion. Show me that I was right not to call the police" she said. "What do I have to do?" I asked. "Beg me." She looked at me with a smiling face and knew I was unable to understand what was going on.
"Please Helena, don't call the Police. It was just ... " She raised her hand letting me know that I had to stop talking.
"Not like this, Roger. Get on you hands and knees and beg me. I want you to kneel in front of your new mistress. Come on, do it." I knew I was trapped and got down on my knees. "Please Helena, stop that. I'll never do that again. "
"Of course you won't." she answered. I looked at her. Her eyes were greener than ever. She was really enjoying this. "Don't you look at me like this. Lower your eyes. " she said. I lowered my eyes and looked at her feet. "Yes slave, I've got terrific feet don't I?"
"Yes Helena, they are very ..."
"Yes mistress!" she yelled.
"Yes mistress, they are very nice" She took a shoe off and put her foot on my lips.
"Kiss him" she said. I kissed it once. "Come on, kiss it again. And continue begging" I kissed it and told her that I agreed being her slave and begged her not to tell anyone about the fraud. She told me now to lay down just in front of her chair. She took the other shoe off and put both feet on my belly. "What if I know stand up and step all over you like a carpet?"
"Well,... I don't know" I said. She lifted her right leg and put her foot on my nose.
"Smell it. I want to hear you smelling my foot." I began smelling it and wondered how I could get out of this mess. "Is this smelling?" she said "I want you to smell it as if your life depends on it." She had an angry look. "No, no this is not good. I think you deserve a punishment" She removed her foot from my nose and stood up. She asked me to stay on the ground. She walked around me and looked at me with disrespectful eyes. I felt suddenly her foot on my stomach. She then stepped up and stood with her whole weight on me. "So slave, how is it being a carpet?"
"Terrific." I replied sarcastically.
"Are you laughing at my face? Do you want me to step on yours? "
"No, no Helena, I just ..."
"Not Helena, mistress Helena" she said Her weight began to hurt very much and I begged her to step down. She hesitated but finally she stepped down. Helena put her shoes back on and sat back on her chair. She told me to get up. "Well, Roger, I'll make a fine slave of you." I wondered how such a beautiful woman could be that cruel. "I expect to see you tonight at my house at 8 o'clock. I will let you clean all my shoes with your tongue." She laughed. "By the way, you can start with these," She pointed her left foot at me. "Come on slave, get back on your knees and lick my shoes" I was really humiliated. I got on my knees, took her foot and licked the dirt off her shoes. "Don't forget the heels; come on slave, lick my heels" I put the her heel into my mouth and sucked it. "Nice doggie" she said. She then told me I could stand up. "You can go now, but don't forget to be there tonight, 8 p.m. sharp."
"Yes mistress." I replied.

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