Friday, July 8, 2011


by Amber K.

One of my mom's New Year's Eve parties got pretty crazy. Everybody was rip roaring drunk including myself. I was about 16 at the time. My mother had been dancing most of the night. I was in her room on the phone talking to my boyfriend. We'd been having phone sex and I was pretty damn turned on. Well, in comes my Mom. She was very red in the face and sweating.
"What are you doing in here, Amber?"
"Talking to Jim," I said.
"Oh,...HI JIM!"
"My Mom says 'Hi'," I told him.
My Mom plopped down on the bed with a sigh and laid back. I was, needless to say, very irritated by the interruption. I told Jim I'd call him back later.
"So, how's the party," I asked her.
"Great ... I'm beat though. My feet are killing me!"
"I'm sorry," I said.
At that point, her boyfriend knocked on the door and opened it.
"Am I going to get another dance before we ring in the new year?"
"Oh honey," she said "I'm dying. My feet feel like they're going to fall off."
"Have Amber give you a foot rub and get your butt back out here." He laughed and shut the door.
"Oh, would you sweetie? That sounds heavenly!"
"Yeah, I guess so," I said. Anything to get rid of her so I could call Jim back.
It was an informal party, so she was wearing her tennis shoes and a pair of ankle socks. She unlaced her shoes and pulled off her socks. She then rolled over on her stomach and placed her feet in my lap. As a side note ... my Mom has really gorgeous feet. The only thing is that they are size 10s. I usually prefer woman with small feet, but my mom's feet have to be the exception. Very high arches and perfectly shaped toes. She usually paints her nails red. She has very soft, unwrinkled soles with a small callous on both feet next to her big toe from her high heels. They are tan on top and her soles are pale ... her toes are pudgy as opposed to long and skinny and her second toe is slightly longer than her big toe. Anyway, I took a hold of one foot and started rubbing. This was actually the first time I think I'd ever touch my mother's feet for more than a second. I realized just how large they were compared to my hands. They were really sweaty at first and very slippery. And then ... I noticed the smell.
It slowly creeped up and invaded my nostrils. They smelled very, very strong. I was uncomfortable all of a sudden though I couldn't figure why. I started thinking about Jim as I picked up her other foot and started rubbing it. Soon my thoughts strayed to my girlfriend Becca and her feet. I starting thinking about the last time we were together. Then I realized that I was taking very deep sniffs and relishing the smell of my own mother's stinky feet! Then reality rushed in. There I was, smelling her feet as she moaned away from pleaser as I caressed her stinky soles!
At first part of me was revolted, but another deeper, darker part of me was massively turned on. The whole thing seemed so taboo ... and that's what made it such a turn on.
I experimentally lift one of her feet up to my face and took a sniff. It was like an explosion went off in my head. I was overcome with lust. Her feet were so wonderfully smelly! It was all I could do to keep myself from burying my nose between her toes and sucking on her huge feet.
I continued to rub her feet, but I held them close to my face the whole time, taking in the intense aroma of her gorgeous size 10s. After a while she put her shoes back on, thanked my and went out to dance again.
I laid on her bed in shock. I was so befuddled with drink it was hard to rationalize how I really felt about what happened. I began to think about how smelly and wonderful her feet were. I sniffed at my hand and found the smell to be embedded in my skin. My other hand slipped down my pants and I found my panties were already sopping wet. I played with myself for a little while and then rejoined the party.
I spent the rest of the night watching my Mom dancing and thinking about how much smellier her feet were getting. At one point in the evening, I went into the coat room and smelled all of the shoes that some of the guest had left in there to dance bare foot. Some of my mom's friends had really stinky shoes! It was great.
Anyway ... after the guests left and we all went to bed, I heard my Mom and her boyfriend giggling. I crept down the hall to listen at her door. When I got there, I found the door to be wide open which was a testament to how drunk they both were.
I was just in time to see him fastening her ankles to the bedposts with scarfs. There was my own mother ... naked and tied spread eagle to the bed ... with a man kneeling next to her with the biggest and hardest looking cock I'd ever seen. Without preamble he climbed between her legs and jammed that huge prick into my mom's poor, little, defenseless pussy. Obviously she screamed. Christ anybody would. But he was no sooner in than slamming away despite her screams due to his size.
I know they'd had sex before, but I'd never heard her make noises like that. I assume they usually eased into to sex, but I figure he was to drunk for finesse. As soon as I overcame the shock I was experiencing from the unexpected scene ... I realized my hand had already adjusted itself to the situation ... it was already rubbing at my clit.
At that point I didn't care if I was breaking all moral laws ... I was fucking turned on and was loving everything I was seeing and hearing. I then noticed both of her bare feet. With her ankles tightly bound to the bedposts ... her feet were left to bounce with each thrust. They moved in a hypnotic rhythm that seemed to beckon me closer and closer.
I crawled as quite as possible across the floor to kneel worshipfully at her gloriously smelly size 10's. I neared my nose and it was like being hit with a thunderbolt! With each bounce of her foot a wave of the aroma was fanned in my face. I rubbed my clit and basked in the vinegary odor of my mom's peds.
As I masturbated and smelled her feet I glanced over to watch that titan cock plunge her deeper and deeper still. Her screams had changed to that of pleasure and he grunted in unison. They were both to involved in their drunken sex to notice me, the perverted daughter getting her jollies from her own mother's reeking soles. I felt sooo bad and nasty ... and through the course of that felt great.
I was about to cum when I saw him pull out and shot his load all over her belly. I flattened myself to the ground and inched partially under the bed. In a matter of minutes I heard them both deep breathing and knew the'd passed out.
Now ... this is the part I've never told anyone. I actually don't ever think about it except when I'm deep in the midst of masturbation and my mind is a little freer. Anyway, I stood up to find my mother still securely bound and her boyfriend passed out next to her. They were both out cold.
I only had eyes for that cock of his and crept around to the side of the bed. I kneeled down and slide the mass of it into my mouth. Even unerect it filled my checks to bulging. I sucked dutifully and to my heart content for at least ten minutes. It grew semi-erect but not more. My whole body was a-buzz with sexually energy. I was almost nauseous with lust.
I was on my way out of the room and I noticed his drying cum on my mom's belly. At that point I'd never tasted cum before. Only the precum from his limp cock. I was more curious than anything. Now I suppose I could have scooped some up with my finger and tasted it, but due to my blatant sexually abandon I crawled onto the bed with them and began to lick it off her prone belly.
As I was doing so, the scent of Mom's pussy hooked my nostrils. At that point in my life I had already been with my friend Becca so oral sex with a woman was already second nature to me. In my drunken state I went to work without really considering what I was doing. I was simply turned on and going with my instincts.
At that point I'd really crossed the line and there was no going back. I think part of me realized that at the time, but it was too buried in my subconscious to be addressed. I was just reveling in the taste, feel and smell of her vagina on my face, lips and tongue.
I was in the process of cuming and I opened my eyes and looked up. Mom's eyes were wide open and staring in disbelief at me! At first I was terrified and then ashamed. But then I realized I wasn't the only one quivering with an orgasm ... SO WAS SHE! She may have looked shocked and dismayed, but I had forced an orgasm out of her pussy whether she liked it or not. She may have been so upset she couldn't speak, but her body responded in spite of her. I guess like mother like daughter.
Well, I finished and climbed off the bed. She lay there helplessly bound staring at me. Then she kind of smiled and half nodded. I took that as approval and being still incredibly turned on, climbed back on the bed, flipped my body around so my ass was in mom's face and plopped my pussy down onto her mouth.
She started to lick it and tongue it half halfheartedly and then became more enthusiastic. This went on for a while until I cam again and climbed off. When I looked at her face she looked so massively ashamed I felt sick. She looked like she was going to cry ... so I guess the alcohol was wearing off and she'd realized what we'd done.
Whatever the case, I untied her in silence and then went to my room and passed out. When I woke up in the morning, my Mom and her boyfriend had left to go to his cabin in Ruth Lake and I didn't see them for a week. After that my Mom never really talked about the incident. She broke up with her boyfriend when she got back from the trip.
A few years ago I read her diary and it didn't really go into much detail about what had happened. What it did mention is that her boyfriend had been awake while I was giving him head and had watched my mother and I 69. He admitted this to her whilst at the cabin and had gone as far as to suggest a threesome. At that point my mother gave him the boot and went into counseling.
A few years after that I moved out and my Mom and I have had a pretty good relationship as far as the mother/daughter thing goes. I think she pretends it didn't happen which is for the best I'm sure.
One other important thing. A few months after that night, I found a series of magazines called "Please Mother, Now!". They were mostly stories with a few pictures dealing with incest. The majority of them were dominant situation with the mother forcing the son or daughter to sexually please her. They were pretty damn erotic. Anyway, the magazines were hella old. After I'd found them, I went back to read some more and she's thrown them out. My deduction was that she' previously had a curiosity about the subject, but when she actually did it ... she couldn't deal with the reality of it.
Anyway, sick or not ... it still pretty much turns me on. I still smell her shoes when I house sit for her. I've even smelled the ass part of her panties. That's another thing I really liked. But that's another story.
Speaking of her used garments ... She has a pair of plush slippers she's worn for a number of years. They're really ratty things. If you pull the top back a bit you can see the darkened sweat imprints from her soles and toes ... and boy do those slippers smell! You could find them in her closet by closing your eyes and sniffing your way to them. I know, cause I tried last summer. Both my boyfriend and I gave it a shot. I told him I bet he couldn't find them from just smell. Of course he did. Then I tried ... and just when my nose reached my goal, I felt my panties ripped down and his cock shoved inside me. BANG! I almost came right then. The shock caused a sharp intake of breath through my nose which was of course buried inside the stinky confines of my Mother's smelly slippers on the floor. My nostrils were filled with her smelly foot aroma while Scott pounded me from behind. He then reached down and grabbed the other slipper and held it to his face. We both smelled my mom's slippers while we fucked. It was great. I wonder what she would think if she knew? HeHe.

Another thing happened a while after that. I actually wasn't very happy with him for this, but I'm not mad anymore. We were both at my Mom's house for Christmas Eve dinner. This was about two years ago by the way. Anyway, we'd been drinking wine and were planning to stay the night. My cousin Tammy was there as well with her husband Tim. I know, Tammy and Tim ... how cute. Well, Tim is kind of an idiot and he'd left all of their presents in their hotel room back in town. Since my Mom was already passed out on the couch and my boyfriend said he was too tanked to drive, I got nominated to haul them to both to get their gifts...
Lets skip ahead to when I got back. My Mom was still sound asleep on the couch. She was on her stomach with her feet dangling over the side of the couch arms. She was wearing a silk dress that was a little 60's like most of her clothing. And a pair of tan wood-sole pumps. I was still a little tipsy myself and one look at those smelly pumps and I knew I had to sneak a sniff. I showed my cousin to her room and checked on my boyfriend who was sleeping soundly in my old bedroom. I took off my shoes and crept back into the living room. I kneeled down and slipped off both of her shoes. The first thing I noticed is that the smell wasn't what I expected. Neither was the white dried residue that I quickly recognized as cum. I then noticed a pair of panties half under the couch. I carefully lifted my mom's dress to see her bare ass checks. Someone had cum on my Mom's feet as well as removed her panties and God knows what else.
Of course I knew exactly who did it and rushed into the bedroom clutching her panties. After I said all of my How Dare You's ... and he'd given me all of his sheepish looks I finally got the truth...
After I left to take my cousin to her hotel, Scott had removed her shoes and took them into the bathroom to smell and masturbate. After a while of that he decided to go for the real thing. He knelt in basically the same way I had and sniffed her smelly size tens while he rubbed that glorious cock of his. Eventually he slowly worked her panties off and buried his nose in her ass and sniffed that too. He'd wanted to penetrate her as well ... that took forever for him to admit ... but he'd decided that would have been rape. So, he wet his pinkie and fucked her ass with it while he jacked-off. He then restricted himself to her stinky feet ... which with my Mom's feet is enough to make any footman cum buckets. Which is exactly what happened ... all over her reeking soles. He then fantasized that my Mom forced him to lick his cum off of her feet ... and he did just that. He then slipped her pumps back on and went to bed.
By the time he was done explaining I was no longer mad, but really turned on. Since I had pictured the whole thing as he had explained, it was like I had watched the whole thing. We made our way back out into the living room. I once again assumed the position at my mom's feet and rested my nose on her stinky soles. Then, just like with the closet and her slippers, Scott mounted me from behind and fucked me while I smelled my Mother's reeking, cum stained feet. It was massively hard not to make any noise. At one point my cousin got up to go to the bathroom and walked right by us. The lights in the living room were off so she didn't she us. She went pee with the door open and Scott started to fuck me again. I tired to get him to stop but I couldn't breathe a sound, so I just knelt there and took his cock whether I liked it or not. She finally stopped peeing and went back to bed and I went back to smelling Mom's big-stinkers. Anyway, he cam on my ass ... we cleaned up and went to bed. That's basically it in a nutshell. Not very exciting I know, but at least we didn't get caught.


  1. I once told my mother I had a footfetish and that she had the sexiest feet ever. We were kinda drunk when I told her. She kinda did her drunk laugh lifted her foot and teased me by wiggling her toes a bit. I'm not sexually attracted to my mother but I love her sexy toes. I would give anything to watch her bring her sexy feet slowly to my face for me to clean up and smell while I masterbate till squirt all over the place..